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Should I Get Her A Collar?

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my kitty is going to be a strictly indoor kitty, do you think she should still have a collar w/tag? ive been thinking about getting one just in case but i think she would be more comfortable (and look better even though that totally is not a deciding factor) without one. thanks )

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i thought and thought about this and my conclusion (for stoli) was to get him one. he is an indoor only cat but you just never ever ever know if he could get out/stolen, etc. i got him a collar from Lindsay designs and I like it because it is very light, not like those lupine collars. but if you aren't going to put tags on it. . . . .they kinda go hand in hand i think.
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If you get a collar, it should be a breakaway one with tags. There is always the chance that they'll get out.
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I don't think its necessary to have a collar on a cat. All my show cats (which were totally indoors and free run of the house) never wore a collar.

Ling has a very loose collar with a bell, ONLY because its easier to keep track of where she is in the house. She's sneaky sometimes and for months tried to get outside - kinda cured her of that with water

She may be shown later and I don't want a collar mark around her neck. You can train your cats to stay away from the door and not dart out so IMO its not necessary to have a collar on.
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I don't keep a collar on my cats, and not on the dogs when they are indoors.

I'd advise a bit of training to keep them away from the door- I used regular doggie choke chains as they are noisy when tossed. I kept one hanging on both the inside and outside doorknobs so they were always handy, and just tossed one onto the floor before opening the door. They rattled like heck whether tossed or left hanging, and the cats sure didn't care for that noise at all. It only took a matter of a couple of weeks, and now my cats are habituated to staying away from the door.

And we don't greet or say goodbye to animals at the door either. It's just a place they never need to be.

That said, we are two conscientious adults living here. If you have children or unthinking people who won't watch their comings and goings, an ID tag might be necessary.
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thank you everyone for your replies, i think i will get a collar with a tag just in case, even if she doesnt wear it all the time, its inexpensive and a good thing to have on hand i think. i was looking at them yesterday and saw a pretty break-away collar with a bell.

C- thanks for the traning idea im going to do that too.
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Cearbhaill, that's a great idea!
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