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Meet my kittens!

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Hi! I'm pretty new here. I got two kittens from the shelter for a foster-to-adopt program so we could test them with our rabbits before we committed. Everyone is behaving pretty well so far, so we're signing the full adoption papers on Monday. Hooray!

They are not littermates but they're very friendly. They're both about 8-9 weeks old. They spend a lot of time playing and sleeping together. Eve had been alone at the shelter because she came in as a single, so coming home with us was like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one! She was so excited to have another kitten to play with!


Eve is a very social kitten and is most happy either playing with us or with her new friend Lily. She likes to jump on us but doesn't like to sit still, and we have to be careful when we're holding her so she doesn't take a nose dive. She's also a talker. She's quieted down a little now, as long as she has some furry or human company. She meows if she's bored, lonely, curious, playing, or if she just woke up from a nap.

Any ideas on Eve's color? And do you think she might have a touch of Siamese in her? She's pretty slim-boned.


Lily is very sweet and a little shy. The people at the shelter said she was more used to her littermates than people, but she's really warmed up to us. In fact, she's a bona fide lap kitten! She's also low-key for a little kitten, but she likes to play with Eve and she likes to beat the tar out of her toys. Cat Dancer, beware! We think she's used to having to fight her siblings for food because she growls and hisses over her canned food and most of her whiskers have been chewed off. But she's learning that there's plenty of food and Eve usually isn't hungry enough for two servings of canned food in one sitting.

If you want, I have some more pics here:
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They are so cute! Eve's cheeks, don't you want to pinch them!!!!
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What a pair of little dumplings they are
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very cute
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