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Orphan update #2

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I just wanted to let you all know that the kits are now lapping formula out of lids REALLY good.I have started mixing wet kitten food with formula.While they don't like it as much, they will eat it.I am letting them have the chance to eat what "pourage" they want and then let them finish with formula.I have yet to see them drink any water though.
I have taken them out of the garden tub.I use to take a hot bubble bath to relax and with the kits in there,that wasn't possible.Plus, I felt they needed more room to roam and explore.I have put up all things that they can get hurt on including my plants.I let them have toilet paper rolls....empty,pop bottles, and a couple of bouncy balls about the size of a tennis ball to bat around.They are LOVING it!!! Now if only I can wee without having 5 kits climb my legs.
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so glad they are doing well keep up the good work
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Because they are getting liquid with their food in the "pourage" mixture and still forumla its ok that they arent drinking water that you have seen, as long as they are hydrated and peeing all is well.
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Yes, as long as they're getting their porridge, they are probably getting enough water. I would leave a shallow lid of fresh water out for them (not a bowl quite yet for safety reasons), as they need to get used to having water laid out for them. They may not drink from it for a while...they are more liable to stick their noses in it, dip their paws in it, throw their toys in it, but eventually, they will try a taste of it, if left out for them.

So glad to here they're exploring and thriving!
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