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Oral Care

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when i was in petsmart today i saw this stuff (sorry i cant remember the name, i went to write it down but i didnt have a pen in my purse <sigh>) it comes in a small bottle and you add a little bit to your cats drinking water and its supposed to help keep the teeth and gums healthy, protect against decay and bad breath. anyone know anything about this, if its safe, and if its worth using? sorry i couldnt provide more info. thanks )

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Likely science diet ... the pieces are very large and supposedly it scrubs teeth and cats are chewing ... Most cats swallow food whole ... some foods claim to keep teeth clean and with cats Like my Zoey who chews throughly it might work but it is mainly gimmick/// wet food would likely keep them cleaner... My raw girls are great in the teeth dept and no they dont get whole bones...

the drinking water thing may work but I never find one with inactive ingrediants I would use,,
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There's a new product out by Lebalabs that purports to do this, but it goes directly into the mouth and is not diluted.
It's nearly $50 a bottle, but is getting good consumer reviews.

I know there are cheaper products out there, but personally I think they are hooey
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I have seen the liquid that you add to water, it is also quite expensive, the manager at our pet shop told me not to waste my money... it may also cause problems if your cat decides it is not drinking the water because it can smell it.

If you are worried about oral care the best thing to do is to brish your cats teeth but buy animal toothpaste don't use the human kind!
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I tried the Leba stuff and I though it worked pretty good. I posted my comments here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=93063

Dittoes to the comment about human toothpaste. It's got flouride in it and flouride is a poison. Humans spit out their toothpaste, but cats swallow it.
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