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This is so sad. I cried the whole time reading this and looking at the pics. What are these idiot dog fighters thinking?
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So sad People disgust me and never fail to. I don't know how they can live with themselves. How awful and sad for those poor dogs that never knew what true love felt like
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That just put me to tears. I cant euthanize a animal. I hate people. pit bulls are really....really....really nice dogs. it is just how people make them.
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Ok, well for some reason I cant get the page to come up, but I can ONLY imagine the horror! Poor sad pitties............ I cant imagine EVER using a dog for something like that!!!

Well it is working today and I must say, Im still not done reading it and it is very hard to read. Those poor poor dogs....

People can just be so sickening, and it never seems to amaze me.

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I just read that story and I was confused about one thing. Right after the hearing to see who would be rewarded the dogs, they mentioned that they will all be euthanized except for the non pit bulls who would go to rescues. I assumed they meant the yellow puppies and momma. But at the end they euthanized all of them. And the lady went home and told Lola that the whole family is dead. So did they not take the non-pits to a rescue? I assumed the only non-pits were the chihuahua, rottie, and the yellow momma and babies. The rottie was euthanized due to aggression, the Chi went home with an employee, and they didn't mention the yellow dogs or which ones went to rescue. Unless that is the momma with the babies they mentioned at the end, but why were non agressive, non-pits euthanized after they said they wouldn't be? Just curious.
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horrible just horrible horrible horrible. and those poor Puppies. raised right, with good training... *sighs* horrible.
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Heartbreaking,I am lost for words
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There really are no words to describe that story. It's one of the most heart-breaking stories I have ever heard. RIP all you sweet darlings. Run and play in a place where no more harm and ill-treatment can come to you.
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That story was so sad. I don't even think I can say anything else. Here I am crying now.

Poor Grandpa.
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Wow. That made me bawl. I can't believe that someone can be so evil. How can that guy use the excuse that he's just too stressed or doesn't have enough time. I worked 76 hours this week, 76 last week, and probably 70 this upcoming week. My kitties are extremely well fed and watered. They are up to date on everything. There is no excuse, ever, for allowing your animals to get in that condition. And to say he wasn't fighting them? Normal dogs do not have those kind of injuries and scars, and puppies do not fight like. I hope that man spends an eternity someplace nice and warm.
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256 View Post
This is so sad. I cried the whole time reading this and looking at the pics. What are these idiot dog fighters thinking?
They are thinking this is an easy way to get rich!
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Man that was 30 minutes of tears..

Idiots like this shot be shot.. what was that guy thinking.
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poor dogs I cant believe they get away with that
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while i know its not the Animal controls fault at all. I really think stories like this should bring to life breed profiling.

Those baby pups..were put to sleep for no reason other than the fact that they were pit/pitcross. while i agree that agression is and can be bred into animals. i also am a firm beliver than 90% of that is all in how they are raised and handled.

The horrible way of breed profiling, angers me almost as much as the who caused this.
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This makes me hate people even more.
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I couldn't read the whole thing. It is too sad and unfortunate. I know it's reality but I just can't take it. I just really hate people, I really do! those precious animals lost their lives because of some jack a**
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I couldn't read most of it.

I saw the first picture of the dogs in cages with cans of dog food sitting just our of reach and immediately cried.


I would put them in THAT cage, and sit a steak dinner just out of reach and let them sit and smell it and want it for 3-4 days with NO other food and see how they begged and pleaded.


How does a person become that insensitive?
Is it that they were never loved or looked over for a brighter child or a abusive parent? WHATTTTT??

I'm really sorry, I just can't understand and it makes me so disgusted to think this actually happened.
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