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Holy crap guys you're freaking me out! I'm getting my top 2 removed in October.
Sarah- those pictures are startling. Why the heck is your eye bruised?!!
I only had 1 bottom one, which I got removed a few years back without incident. The dentist made me laugh - she was a petite woman and had the hardest time wrenching the tooth out it looked quite comical (thanks to the painkillers).
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I've had all mine out and it was all pretty straightforward. I had to go to the dental hospital to have one out under sedation as it was at an angle and not easy to get out without breaking, but the other 3 were just pulled out at the dentists (on 2 occasions) during my lunchbreak The worst part was having the 2 upper ones out at the same time and being given a care sheet that said after a certain number of hours I could eat on the "unaffected side"

I have that TMJ thing too, but I had it before I had my wisdom teeth taken out.
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When I went for one of my regular checkups 2 years ago, my dentist took the x-rays of my mouth and she came over to me all excited and said you are one lucky girl because you don't even have sockets for wisdom teeth, You're jaw is way too small and she said I'll never even get wisdom teeth and boy am I grateful!
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I have all of mine, and I know they'll be coming out sometime in the near future.. and it scares me!
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I had all of mine removed (at the same time) when I was 18. It wasn't a horrible experience for me...I hardly swelled and was able to go back to work the next day.
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Well, technically I still have all of mine, but I only have two, the top ones. My last trip to a new dentist he looked at my x-rays and asked me whether I'd had my bottom wisdom teeth removed, and I said no, and he said, well, you won't ever be needing to, because you don't have any.
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Mine are all gone, and all four were "impacted"-- meaning they break them into pieces and then take the pieces out. I got them out way before they grew in, when I was 17 or so.

My oral surgeon gave me the DRUGS! I got laughing gas to begin with, and then an IV with like three different anesthetics in it. I don't remember that entire day, and I felt high for like three days. Apparently I was mumbling all sorts of crap all day and sleeping on the couch. I even ate Jello! For all I remember though I wasn't even awake. They gave me Vicodin to take too but it made me sick after the first two days. Oh, and they broke my vein the first time trying to do the iv and I looked at my bleeding / goose-egged arm, giggled, held up the other one and said "Try this one!" because of the laughing gas.

I feel so bad for y'all that woke up or were awake! That would be terrible! I was restrained and had a bunch of nurses and all kinds of stuff.

Oh, and Sarah, you looked like my prom date. He was all swollen like that for prom! Poor you, I would be upset! I just looked like my cheeks were full, like a chipmunk.
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The difference between having your teeth taken out by a general dentist and oral surgeon is like night and day!

Usually it is just as easy as a few twists and a yank. When the apex of the root(s) breaks off, is when the operation gets a little more intimate with the patients mouth. Impacted teeth, or teeth that are titlted mesially to the extent that the occlusal surface is touching the proximal surface of the adjacent tooth is also when it becomes annoying. In addition, nerves may wrap around a root of the tooth which can complicate the operation a little. anyways I will not bore you further with dental mumbo jumbo.

If only you could imagine some of the mouths I have seen before. I have seen someone who had a second row of maxillary central and laterals - like a shark! It's fun.
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My Dad always had to go to an oral surgeon because the roots of his teeth hooked.

On one occasion, the oral surgeon seemed to be in pain as he worked on me. Turned out I was unknowingly biting on his thumb!
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Please tell me some more on the impacted problems. I am extremely pain intolerant but my dentist has urged me to have all 4 removed with 1 being far I have not listened to him .....but recently I was having neck pain that my GP Dr told me was from an impacted wisdom tooth ...... and urged me to go to see a surgeon to have it removed. and now Im freaking out.
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I don't know which answer to choose on the poll really. I am currently cutting my first wisdom tooth. It broke throught the gums about a month ago, grew a little, and now its stopped. So I have PART of a wisdom tooth. It seems to be coming in ok, and dosen't hurt much since it finally cut through the gums, so hopefull I won't have to have it removed.
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I have not seen your x-rays or mouth, so I cannot specifically diagnose anything; nor would I accross the internet.

Although, neck pain and local lymphadenitis can be tell-tale effects of an impacted tooth. If you have bumps around the neck area, those are lymph nodes 'dealing' with a localized infection which is normal unless they do not disappear after a long period of time. The actual neck pain can be caused by an impacted tooth putting preasure on the other teeth, essentially giving them no place to run. This could force a crowding effect of the teeth which may result in neck/ jaw pain. Also, the impacted tooth may have impinged the gums and/or created a food trap that facilitates tooth decay and/or gum disease which would cause lymphadenitis/localized pain. There is a myriad of other signs, but this is more in relation to your situation. And, this can also be attributed to erupted teeth as well, not only impacted teeth.

I would suggest that you listen to your provider and get them removed; especially, if it is the underlying cause of your neck pain. Moreover, considering your intolerance for pain, try to seek treament from an actual oral surgeon rather than a general dentist if your insurance covers it or you can afford it. People who see OSs usually recover more quickly and with less complications, simply because that is part of their specialty.

For the mean time, floss and brush around your wisdom teeth thoroughly. If slight bleeding occurs, it may be because there was food stuck or impinged gums that caused gingivitis. You may also try to garggle with warm saltwater, just tap water and salt will work - bad taste, but it can help alleviate some problems. Teeth involve the whole body too, so take care of them

Hopefully I helped you a little. Take care.
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Thanks for your response ..... but I was referring to complications in just a general extraction versus impacted extraction .... sorry I was unclear.

Im an avid flosser probably an OCD flosser lol .... and have had no jaw or mouth pain. No swollen lymph nodes just some back neck pain that he associated with the impacted tooth.

Whats freaking me out is the complications from having an impacted tooth removed verusus an unimpacted tooth ....... this is from someone who almost passed out when her cats were spayed and neutered.
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Hi Pami! I'm no dentist, but I can say that all four of mine were impacted (although I guess I didn't understand what it actually meant!) and I was back to work in 5 days or so. Couldv'e been earlier but the Vicodin messed me up and then I wasn't scheduled. My friends came by to bring me a milkshake and expected me to be laid out, and I was up and at'em and no longer swollen.

The pain resulting in your neck is probably worse than having them taken out. But as Kuuyku said, go to an oral surgeon. They knock you out cold and you don't feel a thing.

The holes hurt about as bad as a bad zit. I know that's gross, but everyone's had one of those and it's certainly bearable!
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Thank you Zissou,
That makes me feel better ........I will call and schedule an appt. for sometime in the next couple of years ...when they told me my neck was associated with the impacted tooth .... I actually decided I would keep my neck pain and my impacted tooth.
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Well, every tooth is different, so every operation is different. There are many factors that the provider uses to form an appropriate plan of removal. If 3 of your teeth are errupting normally, I would take this as a good sign that the 4th would not be complicating. Do not sweat it, it is not invasive heart surgery ; all you have to lose is a few teeth.
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Mine are starting to grow
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I have no idea what they did to me to give me a black eye, but it was impressive!! We were walking around on the weekend after when the black eye was at it's worst, and people were giving my husband the dirtiest looks!! Honestly, we ended up going home early because people were saying to me "ohhh what happened" and glaring at Andrew and taking me aside!

It was quite funny....

For those who need theirs out - the longer you take, the worse it is. The roots of your teeth get more embedded over the years, so the sooner you do it, the easier they are to get out. I bruised up really bad, had big puffy cheeks, couldn't eat for days and was close to passing out from having nothing substantial going into me!

But you know, looking back now, it really wasn't that bad. It was just annoying and uncomfortable more than anything. I am such a wimp when it comes to this sort of thing, and something ALWAYS goes wrong (eg. I've had a piece of bone sticking out of my gum that got pulled out, and have a titanium screw poking through my gum from a mouth operation just recently that was supposed to be pretty straight forward). The wisdom teeth really wasn't that bad though - and it was well worth it.

I had 2 impacted teeth that were squishing my other teeth, and had bad breath because food kept getting caught in the hole where they were impacted. The top ones hadn't come through but there was no room, and that was going to cause problems. So, if they look bad, get it done before it causes a whole lot more pain and money!
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