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My Sweet Goober

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I am glad I found this site. My cat died very suddenly on Sunday 7/23/06. Her name was Misty but I called her Goober. She had lost a lot of weight over the past few months but I didn't really think anything of it since she had been on a diet. On Sunday she started trying to vomit but wasn't producing much. At one point she did vomit up a yellow fluid. She also lost control of her bowels and bladder. She became very lethargic and was just lying on the floor, as if the were asleep but her eyes were open. Every now and then she would get up and walk a few steps but then she would just lay back down. I put her on a pillow on the floor but she didn't seem to want to be there. She kept trying to go under the bed in my friend’s room but I was able to coax her out. It is very dusty under there and I didn't think it was good for her. I carried her back to the pillow I had set up for her. I know it sounds strange but I knew she was going to die. I sat by her and talked to her as I petted her. Eventually she crawled under my bed and laid there. I didn't want her to be alone but she seemed to want to be. I left the house for about an hour and when I came back she was gone. I can't believe how hard this has been. I have had her more than half my life. She was the one constant good thing I could depend on. She truly was my best friend. She didn't seem to be in any pain, and from the time she started getting sick to the time she died was only about 7 hours. I keep telling people that if I were to choose the way she would have died it would have been similar to the way she did. Like I said she didn't seem to be in pain. It was Sunday so the vet wasn't open. I planned to take her first thing in the morning and if she had made it through the night I probable would have had to put her to sleep. I'm also glad that she wasn't acting sick, prior to Sunday she was her normal self. She had actually seemed more to have more energy than she has had in a long time. This happened very suddenly and that has been difficult, but I'm glad that I didn't know she was going to die. I think it would have made the time I had left with her very hard. I don't know what caused her death, and I might not ever know. I would like to but I guess it really won't make any difference, knowing how she died won't bring her back. Nothing will. I still have my 2 year old cat Blue, I also just adopted a 6 month old kitten Marley today. I love both of them to death. It makes me feel a little better to be able to rescue another cat from a shelter and give it a good life. I kind of thought adopting a new cat would take away some of the emptiness, but to tell you the truth it hasn't. I guess nothing but time will heal that. I loved Misty dearly. She could not have been any more loved and she had a really good life. I'm not sure exactly how old she was but she was at least 15. I would have liked her to live forever but I know that's not possible. Plus I'm glad she won't have to go through any of the things that older cats do, like arthritis and incontinence. I know I will see her again some day. In the meantime I try to imagine her somewhere sleeping in the sun like she used to love to do. If anyone has any suggestions on how to relieve some of the grief, please let me know. Everyday I think I'm doing a little better and then out of nowhere this intense feeling of sadness just comes over me. Has anyone else experienced anything like that? If so how long until it stopped? Also if anyone has had a similar experience and can tell me what could have caused her death please let me know. I don't know if knowing how she died will help, but maybe it will.
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I don't know what might have happened to Misty, but I do want to offer my condolences. Read the sticky at the top of this forum about the Rainbow Bridge. I think it will help!
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Enjoy sleeping in the sun at the rainbow bridge darling Misty


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Condolences on your loss of Misty When I lost my Miss Toby 2 years ago, I'd feel better than out of the blue, like a shard of glass in the heart, I'd feel so heartbroken. I too had other cats, but Miss Toby & I shared such a bond (Joey & I have a similar relationship now) that losing her was difficult. What helped me most was picking out a tune (I don't know how to play) and creating words for it: "My gata's gone, my gata's gone. My gata's gone away. What can I do? What can I say? My gata's gone away." Corny, I know, but I played & sang it over & over and I felt better letting the grief out. I did this privately, so as not to upset my family; my cat Cinders would run to the piano & listen - she missed Gata (Miss Toby) terribly as well.
Farewell over RB, dear Misty And send some new little kitty to your mewommy very soon - there's a cat-shaped hole in her heart
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it never easy to lose i loved pet.
In time you will remember Misty more with smiles then a feelings of sadness.
these things take time.

But it will happen
rest in peace Misty and enjoy your time at the bridge
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet one.
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I'm so sorry for your loss...I too lost "my" Misty on July 21st. He was 14 and my dearest friend. I know those moments of such overwhelming sadness...I still feel them and expect to feel them for some time. It's like losing a member of the family, because they *are* a member of the family. Don't ever feel ashamed of your grief or get upset with yourself for not being "over it" when you or others think you should.
I just recently moved (I was in the process when my Misty passed on) and one of my most difficult moments was when I was packing and came upon his brush, with a bit of his hair in it. He loved being brushed and would contort his body into all sorts of funny positions so I could get every inch of him. Sent me right into a downward spiral! How I miss him! But I know I'll see him again too, and all of my other furry babies that have passed. It gives me some comfort too to know he was not in pain, I had to euthanize him and it was extremely difficult to do. But at least he passed while in my arms, loved til the very last precious moment of his life.
I've heard stories about how people who are terminally ill or about to die will wait until they are completely alone to pass, like your precious Misty. Death can be a personal thing, not wanting to upset those who are by our side. I don't think it's unreasonable to think that our pets do the same. They are far more 'in tune' with what's going on than we sometimes give them credit for. She didn't want you to see her go, she wanted you to remember her full of life. That is indeed a gift to cherish, she loved you that much.
I've thought about (for a whole 5 minutes) of rescuing another kitty since my Misty's passing but I just can't bring myself to do it. Me, I have to embrace the grieving process and allow time to pass and do it's healing. But everyone is different and will do what gives them a sense of peace.
Remember that Misty was a lucky girl, much loved in a world that isn't particularly nice to animals in general. If she could tell you now how grateful she is for that I know she would. You gave her a good life and she still loves you for it.
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I am so sorry for your sad loss.

Rest in peace and play at the bridge Misty.
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Sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you're going through with the suddeness of the loss. I lost my Gateway, a 2-yr. old tuxedo, very suddenly back in February. Everything from the onset of his symptoms to our letting him go happened in the span of a week. It was extremely difficult - I think the last time I had cried so hard and long before the day we took Gateway to the emergency vet's and learned his diagnosis and sadly let him go, was the day I learned that my father had committed suicide.

I can tell you that the grief does pass although it takes time. Everytime I would think of Gateway for at least a month I would cry or well up with tears. I still may at times, but more often think of him with a smile and a happy memory. To help remember him in happier times I plastered the mantle with pictures of him and currently have his ashes there as well - it reinforces for me the fact that a part of him is still here.

The act of grieving is in itself very therapeutic so allow yourself to do so. Receiving support from those of us here at TCS and at home helps, too. I am still very grateful to all those that responded to my inquiries regarding Gateway's illness and his "crossing" on this site.

Associating Gateway with something happy and joyful also helped ease the sadness. For me, it was Beethoven's 7th Symphony - there is a portion in the 1st and 3rd movements where I envision him over the Bridge, running strong and free and being frisky, much like he would in my backyard. Sounds crazy, I know, but it helps accentuate the positive and healthier times. Especially since he, like your Misty, was seeking out private, quiet places during his last week with us.

Hope this has helped. RIP, Misty you are sorely missed! Peace to you during this difficult time.
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I want to thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. I am doing a little better everyday. I still have sad feelings throughout the day but they seem not to be lasting as long as they have been. I know that I just need to give it some time and allow the grieving process to run it's course. It has only been a week since Misty passed away so I know that it's totally natural to still be feeling this way. But again I want to thank all of you that responded to my post. Your comments have helped me more than you can imagine. I look foward to talking with you all about other cat issues in the future.
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