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Is this unusaual?

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A few hours ago, my eight week old kittens returned home from getting their first vaccinations. Lairy, one of my two boys, came home, ate, and started to sleep. He's still asleep. While, his brother, Iven, came home and instantly demanded me to play with him.

They usually do everything together. (Eat/sleep/play/Use the restroom)

Is there any reason why Lairy went to bed, and isn't as playful as Iven?
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Vaccines often make kitties tired and lucklustre, esp rabies ones. There's nothing to worry about unless he doesn't recover soon. Just keep a close eye on him and look for anything that indicates he isn't just a bit tired.
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I think sleep is a pretty typical response for a baby to any stressful activity. The first vet visit can be a little scary, and then they get the shots. As ZM said, keep an eye on him. If you have any questions tomorrow, call the vet.
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There are some vaccinations that leave kitties rather sleepy, and generally icky for a day or so...let him rest, and see how he feels in the morning. Chances are, he'll bounce right back in a little while.
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We take our kitties to the vet 3 at a time for vaccinations. Usually one or two of them will sleep for what seems like days (usually just several hours at a time, but it seems longer!) while the others bounce right back. I wouldn't worry about it unless it doesn't change after a few days of listlessness.
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