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The vet told me today-

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So, I took my girls to the vet today. To say that I wasn't really impressed with the guy is an understatement, but I was kind of in a bind with my kitties so I needed to take them somewhere. Luna's aparently really sick, although we're not sure with what, but she's on antibiotics now.

He told me that if my kitties get diareah (I know that's spelled wrong, forgive me!) than to give them 1/2 a CC of cherry flavored pepto. Now, does this not sound totally off? Has anyone else ever heard of this? I will not be going back to this guy, I'm just curious if it's legit advise. Thanks!
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Pepto-bismol contains bismuth subsalicylate, a similar ingredient to aspirin. The normal human dose of pepto is toxic to cats, and lower doses can cause signs of toxicity, none of which sound very good (things like respiratory distress, severe anemia, gastric ulcers).

I personally would not give pepto to my cat.

However, I am not a veterinarian and so I will not say your vet is wrong... 1/2 cc is a small dose... but...
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That doesn't sound too off-base to me. I've given kittens Kaeopectate before under the direction of my vet, whom I trust very much. I've also known of very knowledgable horse people giving foals Pepto to help deal with foal scours (diarrhea). I'm thinking Immodium is not good for some breeds of dogs and maybe other animals, but I've heard plenty of good things about Kaeopectate and Pepto.

I like it when my vet recommends something cheaper to try instead of some expensive drug from the vet, especially when it ends up being the same thing but twice the price! My vet is good about helping me save money (he probably figures he gets plenty of money out of my anyways!).
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Kaopectate's formula has changed, it's not recommended. Pepto I would only use under a vet I trusted, as aspirin and cats do not mix and supervision when using it is needed.

my 2 cents,
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
Kaopectate's formula has changed, it's not recommended. Pepto I would only use under a vet I trusted, as aspirin and cats do not mix and supervision when using it is needed.

my 2 cents,
Yeah, Ok. I'm just going to go with not giving them any because I'm far from trusting this guy. This vet just seemed really shadey. He didn't make eye contact with me the entire time and treated his help like crap. He wasn't very good with my cats. He was rough with them. It was super cheap too which makes me wonder what his credibility is. I got some liquid amoxicillen, Luna's blood checked to see what her white bloodcell count was, Nova was checked out to see if she had a cold, and stool samples examined and my total was only $24. Never again.
post #6 of 17 got a blood test, a stool sample, two cats examined, and antibiotics for 24$???!?!?!!

Zissou went to a low-cost shelter/clinic and her lowest vet bill was 45$, and that's because the shots are subsidized by donations and they get their strongid donated! The vets were very good, just a little hurried.

What was this place? If he was a regular vet...that is very suspicious.
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If you aren't comfortable with him, then I honestly wouldn't do what he said....I know it's "ok" to give pepto to dogs, but I'm not sure about cats.....why didn't they just give metro?
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I know! I just moved to a new town last week so I had no idea. This guy takes walkin's on Saturdays so I went. He calls it a Vet Clinic. From what I understand this guy's a regular vet. I had no idea about the prices or anything or else I would have taken them elsewhere. His office looked nice too in the waiting area and it look like an established buisness that had been around for quite a while. I really think this guy is just trying to cater to people who can't afford to take their pets to the vet. But I'd really rather take quality of service over price. Like I said. Never again.
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Originally Posted by jlphilli
why didn't they just give metro?
What's that?
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There are a great many things you can give or put on your dog (under vet's supervision) that will possibly kill your cat. Aspirin and pepto are one of these.

I'm also confused. There are anti-diarrheal/anti-nausea drugs for cats that are honestly just as inexpensive as pepto.
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Originally Posted by LunaLou
What's that?
Metronidazole is something they generally give animals with diarhea when bacteria is thought to possibly be the cause. It basically helps stop the diarhea as well as being an antibiotic (brand name is Flagyl)
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My understanding is that the Pepto from years ago was fine, but that the recent formula change that incorporated aspirin rendered it unsafe for our pets. Maybe this guy just doesn't keep up with reformulations?

I'm not big on categorically trying to stop diarrhea. It is only a symptom and I try and concentrate on what's causing it. Of course support the cat with fluids, but their body is just trying desperately to get rid of something- figuring out what that something is would be my focus.

IMO, as always

LunaLou trust your instincts. I wouldn't trust the guy with the care of my animals.
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Zissou, are you talking about Pet Guards by chance? I love them. They are always rushed but they are great for the price and they do a good job. They know me by name there because I am there so often.

For the original topic. I could argue both ways on this one.It is bad to give cats certain things but in the right doses they are okay. On the other hand, a lot of vets do not keep up to date on new things and maybe not be aware of the change in formulas.

Something like Pepto that could cause problems if given too much, the vet should mention that. Just think if you gave it to your cat for diarrhea now, then next year you have the same thing happen again but give the cat a little too much, that could be dangerous and your cat gets more sick. Pepto isn't a cure to stop the diarrhea necessarily, as Cearbhaill mentioned whating to find out what is causing the diarrhea in the first place, it just settles the stomach a bit.

So it may be okay to use but only give what the vet said and no more.

But for diarrhea, there are a lot better things you can give that you KNOW are not toxic like plain or vanilla yogurt, or pure canned pumpkin. Give about 2 tablespoons or so.
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Ah, that's it! I couldn't remember the whole name to save my life, lol. Can't they give it to cats too?
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Jen, yes, I am talking about Petguards. That's where Zissou got all her shots, her spay, tested for FIV/FeLV, etc. The only problem I ever had was that they tell you to give antibiotics after the spay automatically. But I understand why, one of the times I was in there there were a couple of BYB'ers with copier paper boxes full of puppies. Like, dozens of them.
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Since I didn't want to make another thread- does anyone know what the typical white blood cell count for cats is?
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6.0 - 19 x 1000/L

Here is a great resource that everyone should save for reference.
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