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Fancy feast garden medleys???

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I just noticed these in walmart, they are new.. and 89 cents a small can.. tiny can... I notice they have all these veggies and whipped egg whites.and chicken and turkey florentine.... ???.

i thought veggies were pointless for cats??? all these food so confuse me.
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They have been 69 cents (on sale) at Petsmart, if your cats like them.

I don't have a problem with some veggies, just an issue with foods full of fruits, veggies, grains...I want to see protein!

The biggest disappointment for me, is that they could come out with a "gourmet" version of their Fancy Feast line, and still put in lousy by-products. Just leave it out guys, and I'd gladly sing the praises of your food when writing reviews and talking cat foods (shaking head).

My cats seem to like these, though the ones with the florentine sauce made Miss Ophelia
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Interesting.. We haven't seen those yet here.. Seems you guys out west get pet products first.. I'd be interested to give it a taste test over here. Doesn't Merrick include veggies in some of its wet food too? And if I remember correctly the flavor "kitty's stew" from whiskas has peas or something.
Do kitties need this or is it a marketing ploy?
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I got a sample of one of those in the mail yesterday. My Magic ate it after a couple funny looks.
I really wasn't impressed with the ingredients. I think the darn cat food companies really have a handle on how to extort money from us with their fancy shmancy names and hype of their foods.
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Looked at the ingrediants and put it down and bought meow mix pouches
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i believe that cats do need a little bit of plant matter to aid in digestion, but i wouldnt feed them a can full of veggies, maybe add a quarter of that tiny can to their regular food per day.
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