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We adopted a kitten!!

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Woohoo! And we got none of the cats I'd narrowed it down to... All the 12 kittens that were there last weekend had found homes!!! So both the orange kitten and Jenga were gone, and Chatterbox went to a new forever home while we were there.

Mary was there still, but while I think she's a great fit, I decided I wanted a younger cat to make the transition a little easier.

So we were looking at a little orange and white feral, and a little tortoiseshell feral and they were nice but scared. Then we saw Eudora who's 10 weeks old...

She was hiding in the back of her cage, and I hadn't seen her before so asked the volunteer about her, and she said apparently she was quite shy and timid, but she really didn't know anything about her.

The kitten came to the shelter when someone realised they had driven from San Jose (about a 30 minute drive south) to home (near here), with this little baby riding somewhere near the engine! She's lucky to be alive!

So I put my hand in to the cage, and she immediately rubbed her head against me and rolled over so I could rub her belly That had me. After a few rubs, she came to the front of the cage, and my husband put his hand in, and she went straight to him and cuddled and purred up to him as well. Very sweet!!!!!

So she's in the spare bedroom getting used to things. Stumpy has already met her I went into the room and Stumpy snuck in as well, and checked her out under the bed - she hissed once and backed off, but it wasn't aggressive, it was "who are you and where did you come from?????".

She went around behind the kitten and sniffed at her, then went back around to the front of the kitten, sniffed her again, and then just walked off and rubbed against us.

So I think the introductions will go smoothly. The kitten will stay in the spare room for a good few days, but we may let her out when we can supervise. I think she'll be a sweet, confident kitty once she gets used to her new surroundings and be a great friend for Stumpy!

I'll get photos once she settles down a bit... And I don't think much of the name Eudora, so I'll have to get another name for her as well!
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Congratulations What colour is she?
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Congradulations to all of you!
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Is dilute torbie a colour????? She's a lightish grey with light tabby stripes and light orange patches on her.
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congratulations to your new addition!
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oooohhhhh how exciting
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on the new addition! I can't wait to hear how it goes!
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Congratulations!! I know how exciting it is to bring home a new kitty - I'm still on a high from bringing Davidson home a few weeks ago!
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Originally Posted by sarahp
Is dilute torbie a colour????? She's a lightish grey with light tabby stripes and light orange patches on her.
Indeed it is - well, dilute tortie is a colour; dilute torbie is a colour and a pattern.
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Well I'm going for dilute torbie then!!

She's a very sweet little thing, and she seems a little less scared already. She's had some wet food, but I think I might get some human baby food as well to make sure she gets plenty of fluids.

When she first came in to the shelter they estimated she was around 9% dehydrated, the poor little thing. She weighed right on 2 pounds, and has put on nearly a pound in the week and a half that she's been at the shelter.

She's still a bit dehydrated - I pulled up some skin, and it certainly didn't spring back. So lots lof wet food and lots of baby food for her!

Stumpy's said hello to her a couple of times now. She's very interested, and hisses when she first sees her, but then she sniffs at the kitten and is just curious. The kitten isn't worried at all, and all seems to be going well.

We'll keep letting them have short introductions in the spare room until the kitten gets her confidence up, then we'll let Stumpy spend a little more time with her.
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Congrats on your new addition.
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Ok, photos are up in Fur Pictures now!!
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Well she successfully used her litter tray overnight, and is coming out from under the bed to say this morning. She's cute - as soon as my hand is close enough, she almost throws herself at it so she can roll around and smooch against my hand

Stumpy was in the room with me saying hello, and was lying right next to the kittens litter box. The kitten walked up to her litter box, and went - right in front of Stumpy and me! That's got to be a sign that she's getting comfortable

We're still stuck on names... I still like Arwen and Nemo, my husband still likes Phantom and Wispy. We're thinking car related names since she was found in a car (don't know what sort), but can't find anything cute.
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I can't spell it but what about Mercedes or Portia, my spelling is awful. But those are both nice cars and girly sounding
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Porsche. . . . . .
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I am so happy for you!! I want to get a friend so badly for Marlee! If it's meant to happen, things will work out for me at some point, but in the meantime I am SOO happy for you! And her pictures are gorgeous, what a precious girl!
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What about Peugeot, but spelled Purrrgeot
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My in-laws got a kitten a similar way, he rode back from my father-in-laws work on or near the engine. (He did get a little burn on his poor paws but recovered quickly.) He was named ZuZu, because the truck was an Isuzu.
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom
I can't spell it but what about Mercedes or Portia, my spelling is awful. But those are both nice cars and girly sounding
I like Mercedes.

Your new kitty is so cute!
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