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In Love

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I'm a cat person firstly, then every other animal secondly.

My husband and I went to the farmer's market in the nearby town this morning and I've fallen in love with an Italian Greyhound. This sweetie was smaller than Bijou but hopelessly beautiful.

I just wanted to share - it was a joy touching this beautiful creature.
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I've seen pics but not met one personally. I have, however, met their larger cousins as my cousin Adam and his wife have adopted 2 from Greyhound rescue organizations.
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I love all of the sight hounds, they are just so elegant.
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I love greyhounds!!!!!!!
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I love the in betweens - the whippets IG's are too small, the retired greyhounds are too big, but the whippets are just the right size. One day I'll own one (if I can talk DH into it)
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