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4th Of July Plans?

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My job requires that I work every other holiday and this is my
holiday to work. After that, I am going on a picnic and watching
the fireworks. Have a fun and safe 4th of July everyone!

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I plan on relaxing today. I'm lucky-I can see the fireworks of several cities from the fire escape of my apartment building. That means I don't have to fight for parking, a place to sit, traffic, etc. And, I won't have to deal with the drunks on the road.

I hope everyone has a safe and patriotic July 4th!
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Is there really any other way to celebrate ?
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Since I celebrated on July 1st - Canada day, I get to work today (since I am Canadian!). I hope everyone has a safe and happy day!
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Even with the recent rain we have been having, the fire level is high. I got my neighbor to mow the back pasture last week as several families around us have children so fireworks will be going off and I can just see this dry grass lighting off.

I will be outside with the horses at dusk to make sure they don't run through fences and to watch for any fireworks off the beaten path. Also, since I do this every year, my presence calms them at after the first initial burst of fireworks they usually stop running and hang around me just pacing and nickering nervously. The barn cats will be shut down in the hay barn and the other cats will be in the house. I am sure Kenai will be hiding under the computer or in the shower. For such a wonderful german shepherd, she is so terrified of guns and loud bangs. This is a stressful night for the critters here........

We will be grilling bratwurst, I'll make my potato salad an bananna split cake and we'll probably just chill out till dusk. Neither one of us cares about shooting fireworks off.

Just be safe everyone and keep your critters as safe as you possibly can.
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Working the closing shift (3-11). No fireworks, at all. Numerous concerts and laser shows, around the Valley. Bill went to work, today. His company doesn't have paid holidays. I, on the other hand, get double time, today!
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We aren't doing anything today, since we wil be celebrating the 4th on Saturday instead at hubby's sister's place.
We will be grilling out then, and doing some fireworks.

I hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July!!!
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No plans here just enjoying the day off. I was hoping we'd have some burgers or steak on the grill but Brian went to work today.

For like the past hour I've been trying to dislodge this thing that flew into my eye. I think it's a piece of dirt but it won't come out!! I've flushed my eye several times but it's not budging... lol I've been trying to make myself cry in hopes it will flood out. I'm such a dork.

Might as well go work on getting a tan... I look like boiled chicken.
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Jessica, you may have scratched your cornea, which will feel like the thing is still in there. Whatever you do - don't rub! Try to keep it closed and apply a cool compress. That should make it feel better.
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Resting and relaxing! no fireworks for me! I don't like loud noises so me and the kitties will be watching tv loudly or playing the radio. S/O has the day off to so it will be time together and with the kitties! Today they got a treat of a little tuna for the holiday.
I love to spoil my babies!
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So if my cornea was scratched would that explain why I'm ok indoors but when I go outside it hurts?

Thanks Cindy, I'm putting a cool compress on it now.
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