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Poor puppy

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I hope this is ok to post here. If not feel free to move accordingly.

I feel so bad. There's a gorgeous pitbull puppy on my front porch, and I am currently waiting for animal control to come get him. I feel awful. I feel like I have set this dog up for an automatic death sentence because of his breed. He's so sweet! I would keep him, but my house is full, and he won't leave. We can't get out to walk our own dogs because he has completely barracaded the front porch. Noone has come by looking for him. Did I do the right thing? I was so afraid that if I didn't do something, someone would take matters into their own hands and freak because of his breed. Pray for this poor little guy. He's stolen my heart.

And right after I finished the above, animal control showed up. She said he wasn't as skinny as she was expecting, but could use some weight. She said they will hold him for 6 days and then put him up for adoption if noone claims him. The only comfort I have here is she said he seems really adoptable, and he's still a puppy.
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Are you sure the animal control person said they will hold him for 6 days and then put him up for adoption? Usually animal control takes the dog to the pound, holds it for a week or so and then puts it to sleep. I don't know if you did the right thing or not but I would not ever call animal control. Depends how things are in your town but as far as I always knew, animal control euthanizes. A humane officer is who I would have called, but a lot of times they are not allowed to pick up strays. You could have called area no-kill shelters too. Sorry not to scare you but I would call the place he went to and ask about their policies for stray dogs. You can specifically ask about pitt bull policies too.

Hope he is alright.
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oh poor darling... and just a puppy too

I agree with the above poster. Call the place and ask about their policies.
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Originally Posted by huggles
I agree with the above poster. Call the place and ask about their policies.
Not a bad idea to double check. If you don't like what you hear you can always have a friend 'claim' him, and take him to a no-kill shelter.
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Animal control here will hold for 7 days then offer up for adoption the problem is after 7 days they will put the to sleep if no one adopts them. Cats on the other hand because there are so many they get put to sleep after the 7 days wait.
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I am postive that the lady that came out said they would hold him for 6 or 7 days, and then put him up for adoption. As it turned out, she said she can understand how I thought he was a pit, but he was actually a boxer mix. After she said it, I saw it. Why I didn't see it before, I don't know, but he's really sweet. If I knew anyone that could have taken him, I would've acted. I feel horrible now, but my hand's were tied. She assured me that he had a very good chance of being adopted, because he was very sweet natured, and had a very good disposition. She gave me no reason to believe he was in danger, and I think it's because he wasn't actually a pit. I didn't know what else to do. Saturday morning, and he plopped his gangly behind on the front porch and would not leave. He was so hot, and panting so much, I gave him water, and called. He sat there beside the rocking chair with me and took a nap until animal control got there. I was hoping he would just... go home, but he didn't. I was fearful for him and his health more than anything. I guess I should have explored otherwise options, but the house was in a panic since everyone needed to get outside to do their business, and everytime the front door was opened, he tried to waltz inside. I've never seen this dog before. I pay attention to people with animals for this reason right here. My heart believed that he was better off somewhere else because he didn't look that great, but maybe I should have listened to my mind. I just feel so awful now.
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Our animal control works the same, they work for shelters [we don't really have pounds] and they take the dog, hold it for a week, then put it up for adoption. The dog isn't up for adoption for forever, so risk of euthanasia is high if the dog doesn't get adopted, but people like young dogs.

The dog will likely get adopted, a lot of people like pits/pit mixes, they also like happy energetic dogs who are friendly.
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Yes I hope it all goes well. I don't mean to scare you but you could at least ask them to call you the day before he is up to be euthanized and see if by then you could find someone to at least foster him until a home is found. I know that is easier said then done but if you can maybe consider that. If you already have dogs, htey may get along fine.

Whenever I hear of things like that I always think of that movie Homeward Bound. How long have you lived where you do now? Maybe the previous people lost him and he made a long journey back home Who knows.
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Hopefully they will put the pup up for adoption. I think I'd have called a pitbull rescue first (looked on the net for something close by) and if nothing close, then call AC.
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Well, Sargent, who I called Zeke at the time, is now up for adoption at the AC shelter. I have contacted various Boxer rescue's in hopes someone can offer help, or at least direct me to someone that possibly can. I am more than willing to pull him myself, and pay the money, just to get him somewhere safe. Please hope and pray, and send some vibes that while he cannot speak, I can speak for him, and do my darndest to get him out of there.

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Looks like a pit to me I wish you the best of luck with him! I hope he finds a good home at the shelter and you don't have to worry about him. Sending MANY well wishes your way
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Looks like a pit to me as well.
Call around to Pitbull rescues, Staffie rescues and/or Am Bulldog rescues as well.
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I know I wasn't crazy thinking he was a pit. When AC came out, she looked at me like I was crazy and said "He's not a pit, he's a boxer, look at this gums!" and then proceeded to flop his gums around. He's even listed as a boxer mix on the site. I actually contacted Boxertown rescue, and emailed his story, and picture, and they want to know where I am located. This could be a good sign. If this does not pan out, I will contact pitbull rescue's though. I'm trying!
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Bless his heart! I hope he finds a home soon. You did the right thing though- at least for now he's safe in a shelter with a roof over his head and food in his dish....
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I hope everything works out for him. Days before Ruby showed up, we were toying with the idea of getting a puppy. We went and saw "Joker" who was listed on petfinder as a boxer mix, but when we got there they told us he was actually a pit mix. I think shelters might intentionally mislead people to get them in and fall in love at first sight and disregard the actual breed. With two small kids and the fact that Joker was a stray, we felt we couldn't take the risk.
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I think it has a lot to do with the stigma attached to pitbull's, and most bully breed's in general. It's really sad. In the case of Sargent, I mean, I knew the moment I saw him he was a pit, but the AC officer swore to me he was a boxer mix. I kinda saw it, but I was so upset with having to call AC in the first place, I wasn't thinking straight. To a certain degree, I understand what they do, but there are people out there that will not just disregard a dog because it's a pit. I just hate I couldn't help him more.
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He's most likely a pit bull (I own a rescued pit) -- the brindle and white / fawn ones are sometimes misidentified as boxer mixes.

Could you contact Pit Bull Rescue Central?

They're a virtual shelter that might be able to help you get in contact with a local rescue who could pull him if he has a proper pit bull temperament.

Here are the "pit bull friendly" rescues listed on their site for Georgia:

If he goes up for adoption, could you let me know? If he's a good adoption candidate, I'll crosspost his profile on a rescue-friendly pit bull forum that I visit.
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Our animal control officers don't just put pets to sleep if they're a pit bull, or if nobody claims them. They all get put up for adoption, providing they pass the behavioural tests.

And you did the right thing calling animal control. If the owner lives a couple of streets away, they might not think to go as far as your house to doorknock - but they'll most probably check the local pounds to see if he got picked up.

We rarely have stray dogs go up for adoption, the dogs that get picked up usually have owners come in soon after. As well as that, the animal control officers can check for a microchip and hopefully find the owner that way.
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What happened with the little guy?
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Well, about a week after AC came and got him, he was put up for adoption. I tried to find someone, even offering to pay the adoption fee to get him out, if I could find him a home, but he was a big dog, and at the time, I couldn't find him a home, or a foster. He was on their site for about a week, and was pulled and new adoptions were put up. I called twice to inquire about him and either noone picked up, or I was put on hold and hung up on. Since, honestly, I've been to afraid to call and inquire further about him.. afraid of what I might find out. I am just telling myself in my heart that he was a good young pup, and someone would be crazy to not adopt him.

If you go here, you will see actually almost to the day, a month later, the same thing occured again, but the outcome was a little better. I don't understand what is going on, but I am hoping this does NOT keep happening. Otherwise, I am going to have to call some type of authority to figure out what the is going on.
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I think he looks like a boxer, a young one at that... I don't see him having any problems being adopted especially with the sweet demeanor you described. Boxer's are a very desirable breed and are normally very expensive to buy from a breeder, so if someone comes to the shelter looking to adopt I foresee him being a top choice. Don't beat yourself up over your decision, you did the right thing.. what else could you have done?
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