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Kitten Just Spayed & Now Wound is Slightly Open

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I need some advice.
I live in a small town, so no emergency clinic within the next 2 hours.

I noticed this morning that my kitten's incision has a small opening in it between the stitches. (There are 4 stitches all together)
It seems a little swollen around it (kind of like a small lump). I have put Peroxide and Neosporin on the open wound. It isn't really large, about the size of a pencil lead.

I was wondering what I should do until Monday! She has an E-Collar so she doesn't have access to the wound, but she is out of sedatives (which barely even worked!) and even being confined to one room isn't keeping her as inactive as I liked.

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If taking her to get looked at is out of the question you are just going to have to keep her from licking it and hope it's ok. I wouldn't use too much more H2O2 as it is irritating with multiple uses.
I'd wash it with betadine if I had it, or an antibacterial soap, rinse well, put neosporin on it and leave it alone until same time tomorrow, then repeat. With an E-collar on her she can't lick it, so you're safe there.
Just keep her confined, and honestly- lack of pain meds is a good thing- it keeps them still.

Try not to look at it every ten minutes- those external stitches are not the only thing holding her together (there are more stitches internally), so it's not like she is going to open up. Just a brief peek every few hours.

If it begins to look infected i.e. red with ooze or pus, then warm compresses will both soothe her and help draw the infection out.

Of course you'll call your vet first thing Monday AM, but in all probability it will look much better by then. A teeny space can be normal- it all depends on what you are used to seeing and how good the vet is with stitches- some can be remarkably sloppy with no ill effects.

Please report back- I'll be wondering how it went!!
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Yes, stay away from the peroxide - it will burn the tissue. As the above poster said, with the e-collar she won't be able to lick it and irritate it.

Is there a vet you can call to at least talk to about it?
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