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Warning: excessive cuteness!!!

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Hey everyone...finally got a few pictures of my foster momma and 5 five puffballs!!! They are around 2.5-3 weeks old! I promise tons more pictures soon!!!

Here's momma Clementine (just was dumped off at the petsmart while my rescue was there doing adoptions!) Isn't she gorgeous!

and I finally got a pic of all 5 at once!

and a few more closeups!

and the runt of the litter...

(and the only one with an all gray face!)
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I can never get enough of kitten photos! Thanks for sharing your darling Clementine and her beautiful babies.
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TOOOOOOOO cute! They are simply adorable, as is their mum.
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Thats all I can say They are way too cute
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They are lovely, if I was near you i would have one (despite DH saying NO MORE CATS) I have always wanted a grey cat.
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How adorable!
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Originally Posted by Renny
This one is just adorable! as soon as I saw the pic I thought "Yoda" would be a cute name for him/her
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Oops...better clear things up. They are all dilute torties girls (mostly gray though...but I'll have to wait and see as they grow!).

They will be up for adoption in about 7 weeks!!!!!
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They are really beautitul - thanks for the pics. Have they got names yet?
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Not yet....I'm going to take all the wonderful suggestions from my other thread and have a poll (as soon as I can totally tell them all apart!!!).

Stay tuned for more!
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I'm in love. That's it. I'm in love.
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Oh my goodness you weren't kidding about the cuteness! I wish I could take them all, including Mom.
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