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Marigold's Kittens - Week Two!

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What a week! Everyone's growing like weeds! Every
kitten has more than doubled their birth weight, even
little Serenity! And they all now have their eyes
open at least partway.

I've provided new pictures of each kitten with
their names on the pics.

Macavity is the little explorer and (in my opinion)
the cutest of the bunch. He seems to be pretty vocal
and will "talk" to you when you hold him. He's almost
always cuddling with Jack Sparrow. I held him for a good hour last night and he just kept chirping at me, like he was doing that little kid thing. "Why is the sky blue? Why does mommy keep leaving us to go into that box thing? Why don't you have fur? Why do you laugh every time I yawn? Why... why... why..?"

Little Jack Sparrow was so sleepy when I took his
picture, he couldn't even show me his newly opened
eyes! The other kittens have now figured out that
they (for the most part) are bigger than Jack and
having stopped putting up with his bullying. Jack is
still the first to start pouncing on his siblings and
mom to play.

Firefly is still the biggest of the kittens and seems
well on his way to being a cuddly boy cat. He cries
when he's not cuddling with someone, anyone! He and
Serenity are little buds; Firefly bopped Jack on the
nose when Jack was pestering little Serenity. Good
thing we named them for the same TV show!

Serenity is still the smallest, which is normal, I suppose,
since she's the only girl. She's gearing up to be a
long hair like her mum from the looks of things. The
rest of the kittens have fluffy, sort of fuzzy fur
while she has silky fur. Still quiet and sweet...
will happily cuddle with mum or her big brother,

Jabberwocky is living up to his name. Still very
talkative and vocal... he's the first to wake up when
mum gets back to their nest and wake up the others.
He's the "dinner bell" apparently. And while the
others (except for Jack) look like they will be solids
or faint tabbies, he's a parti-color. His face, belly
and legs are white while his back and tail are cream.

Kyo is now living up to his name. He squeals like
you're killing him whenever I pick him up to weigh him
or photograph him. He's a mama's boy and loves to
cuddle right under his mum's chin. When he's not
cuddling, he's trying his darndest to get out of the
nesting box to explore... and then squeals bloody
murder when he can't get back in.

Marigold is being a good, if slightly nervous mum.
She keeps moving the kittens every few days. Luckily,
she's got three places to move them to and she is
rotating between them. She's gaining some weight
herself since having and feeding the babies is a big
drain on her. She's still snuggly and talkative with
a very quiet, sweet meow. She wakes me up every
morning by climbing onto my back and kneading me. 9 am sharp, just in time for Oprah!

So those are the updates!

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awww , there darling
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Marigold looks like se is doing great! As do her kittens! She looks exactly liike my Tigger (only he has no tail!)
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AWWWW. SOO CUTE. I see their little eyes are open now! What handsme pictures and what beautiful babies!
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I would love to have Firefly. He looks like my dear Fred when I found him. He was with me until he passed to the Bridge nearly 18 years later.
The are all just sweet little bundles of cuteness. I would never get anything done if they were at my house, especially when they start moving around and exploring. Thanks for sharing the pics, it is so cool to watch them grow up.
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