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Yola's Good Deed

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Yesterday evening I went to the Reading (town where I live) Cats Protection League Meeting.

As hubbs and I both work in and are trained in advertising, marketing and PR, we have decided to offer our services to our local CPL volutarily. They have been let down recently by people who agreed to carry out this work for them but for whatever reason have been unable to do so.

We will be placing ads in vet surgeries for homing of cats, talking to local press about interesting cat stories, raising awareness locally about the CPL and what they do, maybe even instigating initiatives such getting school children to sponsor long-term CPL residents for food and vet bills etc.

I've also got a friend who will be able to finish their website, which has been started but never compelted.

Do you know - I feel so good about doing this. I've never done any charity or voluntary work and the fact that I'm helping the little critters I especially have a soft spot for actually means a lot to me.

I think it does to hubbs too - but he is less effusive than I am!

What I'd like is further ideas for raising awareness/fundraising. Any good stories or any good tricks for getting local press interested.

Would it be ok to quote stories from the Cat Site on the basis that full credits are given?

Any ideas welcome!!
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Yola, I don't have any idea right at this second for you, BUT I do want to say, it is a wonderfull thing you and hubby are doing, I don't know if I can be of any help, but if there is anything you need help with, please feel free to contact me as I would LOVE to help, how do you find out if there meetings in your local area?
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BL - look on www.cat.org.uk. There is a CP near you - Leicester and District.

As they are TOTALLY charity-driven (no govt. grants etc) they really need any help on offer. From Duty Officers (answering phones), charity shop assistants, fosterers, right to Treasurers and House visitors, there is always something that can be dome to help.

Just use what you know - I'm sure they will be grateful for any help.

I found out about the local meetings thru a mailer that came through the door. I must be on their mailing list as I have a small direct debit going with them.

BTW - any ideas at any time would be welcome. Just drop me a line if you think of anything!!

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Yola that is great news!

Some of the ideas I have seen for fundraising are Dog Washes, instead of car washes. Bake sales and garage sales and raffles and walk-a-thons. You go girl!
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Yola, thanks for the link!! I'll go check it out!! I do actually send donations to them fairly regularly, but don't have a direct debit to them.....
I would love to foster kitties for them, but I already have 7 of my own.....do you think that would matter?? Anyway, I will have a think for you and get back to you if I have any brianwaves
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Bodlover - do you have a garden? The fosterers either have the kitties in their houses (some cat are OK with others, some are not - I guess it depends on temperament/diseases etc). or they keep them in large, heated pens in their gardens.

Cats Protection provide the pens - they also provide the power into your garden as the pens need to be heated.

Good luck!
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Yes I have a garden, I also have a garage which already has power into it (we have a tumble dryer and chest freezer in there) or we have a spare bedroom which the other kitties would not usually go in......... Oooo this is exciting!! (Though I think I'd end up adopting them all!!)

PS I just tried the link but it doesn't seem to work??
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Oh - you're right the link doesn't work.

It's definitely www.cats.org.uk. Maybe try typing the address into the address line at the top of the search engine?
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Hmmm I tried that.... maybe I'll try just doing a search for "Cats Protection League"..
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Yola! This is a very good thing that you are doing!!! My hats off to you!!!! I hope it goes well for you!!
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Yola, it is thanks to people like you giving up your valuable time and your expertise that keeps these charities going. Give yourself a huge pat on the back and loads of gold stars

ok, it was the closest I could see to a gold star

Thank-you for your commitment to aiding all those cats in Royal Berkshire.

My local paper has an "adopt me" feature every week - and gets the info from the RSPCA and the CPL - with cute pictures of the adoptees - my cat Alf was featured as a very small kitten (but I didn't buy the paper that day so didn't see him in there). Love the idea of having schools adopt-a-pet - why not extend this to local businesses, so the accounts team could have one etc?
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Yola, that's just wonderful! I really liked the idea of the dog washes! It's great that Rhea is going to check out the organization too. The very best to you.
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Good for you Yola!! It's so wonderful that you would do that for them and can you imagine the kind of impact your help is going to be for homeless cats?

Bake sales are a good idea as Hissy mentioned but you can have a little twist to it and not only sell people goodies but homemade dog and cat treats as well.
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