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Introduction of a Newby

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Hello fellow Cat lovers,

I thought it was time to introduce myself here, I haven't been a cat owner *cough*servant*cough**cough* for very long yet, only a few months but I already can't think of life without cats.

My beautiful cat's name is Leticia (Ticia or Ticy for short), she has long black hair with red highlights.

I adopted her from a neighbor when she was a few weeks pregnant (though I didn't know it then) and now we have another three additions to the family. The kittens (one boy and two girls) are almost seven weeks old now and real cuties. One kitten (a girl) I'm going to keep. The other two will leave us in a month or so but I have found a good place for them already where they will be treated well and can stay together.

Here are a few photos from two of the kittens, the third one was too busy sleeping under the bed to come out for the photo session. Ticia was always coming up to get her belly scratched so I couldn't get a good shot of her either, but I'm planning on getting my camera out again soon, perhaps I will post a few more photographs later if anyone's interested.

Take care,

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Ohhhhh they are precious there's nothing like a kitten!!!!
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Welcome to TCS!! what adorable kittens
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Those kittens are ADORABLE! It's nice that you were lucky to place the other two.

Welcome! Please let me know if I can help you with any questions about the site.
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OMG they are too cute! I am definitely interested in more photos!
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one word... AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW....
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Thank you all for the very warm welcome, this really seems to be a very nice and helpful board and I'm very glad to have joined up .

For icklemiss and anyone else who is interested, here a few more photos of the rest of the cat family. Two of the third kitten who I managed to catch today with my camera, once inside and once on the patio and of course one photo of Ticia herself in the garden. It's an older one from May, before the kittens were born because I just don't seem to have any luck in taking any good photos of her recently. I hope you like

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Hi welcome to TCS! Your kittens are adorable, love the pics.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!

cute pics!! thank you for share it!!!!

see you on the forums!
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