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Today's Thread - July 29, 2006

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Woke up at 4am, couldn't get back to sleep. Finally at 6 I got ready to go grocery shopping (out of chocolate) and there is a branch on top of the van! Had to call sis to help me move it out of the way.

It dented the van roof slightly and tore up part of the cargo rack. No big deal and may have someone remove the damaged part.

BTW - Did get to the grocery and got the chocolate and ice cream - and some other stuff to eat.
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Yummy chocolate ice cream.

It's another hot one here again today!, humidex in the high 30's...thank goodness for air conditioning!

Jeff and I are going to spend the day together today, going to take a drive over to the airport and watch some airplanes land (I'm such a geek I know!)

Tomorrow I have my bridal shower!, I'm really looking forward to it, should be fun!
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We were supposed to go to the Botanical Gardens but Matt had to go into work so I am enjoying a day at home doing not much until he gets home and then decide if its too hot / enough time to be worth it to go.
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Too bad you aren't in Wisconsin as the EAA is going on this week-it attracts 750,000 airplane geeks!!!
Have fun at your shower I hope you get some good stuff!!
Overcast now and not to hot yet!!
DH is mowing lawn as it hasn't been moved in over 5 weeks and with the bit of rain we got-the weeds are really growing.
Make Frito pie for dinner last night and for some reason I got a really bad upset stomach which several remedies did not help so I'll probably take a nap sometime today.
Don't have anything planned
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Its really cloudy and gloomy here today - looks like we could get some rain, which wouldn't bother me one bit. Its supposed to be 99* today.... 101*tomorrow and.... yikes.... 105* for work on Monday... thank god I have AC in the office @ work!

Slept in til 10AM today, which felt great! John went into work at 7AM, so I had the whole bed to myself, with 2 kitties, how perfect!

No big plans today - we have a wedding recpetion to go to, other than that.... nothing too fun.

Hope everyone has a delightful day!
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Afternoon everyone!
Just got back from the gym, it's not nearly as hot today thankfully.
Just getting all our holiday stuff together and packing the cases ready to go over to my Mums tomorrow night, she is taking us to the airport super early on Monday! Can't wait!
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I woke up at 8 am this morning and it was lovely, sat out at he balcony for a bit, as it was nice and cool!!!! then i played with the kitties, had a nap, then went food shopping!

I bought this sweetner that is supposed to taste like sugar, but its not sugar! and it doesnt maek you fat! i am eager to try it out!
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