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I just had to share...

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I'm in bed trying to get to sleep, and Stumpy has the night time crazies. She's racing around playing with her mousey and wants me to throw it for her. She's jumped on the bed twice and dropped the mousey on me for me to throw it to her, and I've ignored her.

This third time she came right up to my head and literally tossed it at my head!!! It's so hard to be cranky at her when she's just so cute....
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Gee I hope she never finds a real mouse!!!! Ewwww!!!!
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i love nightime crazies!!!! that is too cute
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we do that every time when we first go to bed... playing fetch from bed.

nothing like getting up and finding tons of cat toys on the bed,
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awww... throw her the mousie!
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I hear ya! Astrid just started "sleeping" with me, which means that she sleeps for awhile, and then the night krazies commence and she jumps on me, across me, plays with my feet, and this morning it was like a toy box explosion, with several of her toys in the bed.

I have tried to play with her in the evening to tire her out, but I don't think she can be. She loves her night time romps and as frustrating as it is she is too darn cute to be mad at. I only worry when I hear a noise I can't identify and wonder if she is into something dangerous.

I wonder if I will ever sleep through the night again.
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I love the crazies too, but I trained them out of it before it could drive us insane - BF hated that phase, it gave him nightmares.
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We call it the "Kitty 500" when they race around the house at night
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So I threw her the mousey for a bit.....

She actually slept on the bed last night as well! She hasn't done that in ages.

We're just playing fetch again now. I aim to get it out the bedroom door, but I have to get the mouse past the built in wardrobe and through the door, which from the bed angle is only very narrow. So when I do a bad throw, the mouse manages to hit the corner of the door, or the wall and bounce into the washing basket, or on the other side, go straight into the wardrobe - then she's really confused. I generally have to get up, retrieve the mouse, and hop back into bed and throw it again. Hehe.
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One mouse, so many games...
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heyu in the last week has found a new game,
IT is called make the human get up.....
she drops her toy behind some stuff she cant get it.. and she sits there and meows until i come get it and throw it......

oh and the other day i did not move fast enough i guess and she was in the process of bringing back another toy
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Yes, we call the nighttime crazies here "The Witching Hour."

My sister-in-law has a rather neurotic (but very adorable) tabby male who also gets the nighttime always hits at around 10 p.m.

She calls it "Ten O'Clock Naughty Bad."
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