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Darn kittie keeps on poo'ing on the floor. 2 feet away from her litter box, it is clean, new litter, new liner, washed, got a stick-up in there too, i mean i would go in there if i could fit, its making me angry. tell me what to do if you can
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Hi Scott,

Thanks for your message. As you can see, I edited it since we do get some kids in the Forums, and I don't like for them to see a lot of that kind of language ... thanks in advance for remembering that in the future.

As for your problem, my first suggestion when inappropriate litter box habits sprout is always to take kitty in for a thorough vet exam to rule out health issues. Once the vet gives your kitty a clean bill of health, I would take away that Stick-Up and don't put it back near the box - it could be your kitty doesn't like the smell of it and won't potty there. Second, I would try a different location for the litter box, and third, I might try a different kind of litter.

Above all else, be patient with kitty and keep trying. You will eventually find out what the problem is and can work to correct it.

Continued best of luck,

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Hi Scott,

You don't say how old kitty is, but I agree with Gaye's advice. You might also add a second box and make sure it is in a private place. Some cats are very sensitive to that and want to go away from prying eyes. The stick-up could be bothering her alot, especially if it is citrus scented. I read a lot of anger in your posting and hope you are not yelling at your kitty or showing your frustration at her. This will only make the behaviour worse. If it is a small kitten, and you are using clumping litter, the litter will sometimes form small balls up inside the pad and between the toes. This makes it uncomfortable for kitty to use the box and the cat will avoid it at all costs. If you are using clumping litter and you do find these balls, the easiest way to remove them is to spread some Crisco shortening on the litter clumps and then let it sit for about two minutes, then take a piece of cotton and it will lift right out. Another reason a cat may avoid a litterbox is if the cat has been declawed. Is your cat declawed Scott?
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Scott, this article has some more info:

Gayef and Hissy both gave you great advice and please please don't be mad at the poor little kitty! She doesn't like it anymore than you do. A cat prefers to use the litter box and if she's avoiding it she must have a good reason. It's probably very stressful for her as it is and she needs all your love and support right now!
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Some cats dont like kitty liners. Or is the food near the litter tray? Cats are very fussy where they toilet, and wont go if its near their food, and sometimes wont eat if the food is too near their toilet.

Try using some newspaper around the tray, if she wont use the tray at least she may toilet on the paper.
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