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cat in a tree right now

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Ok...so my kitten, who has never been outside without me is stuck high in a tree right now, about 30 feet high
My old dog pushes the backdoor open...so we always make sure its latched..except somebody forgot to tonight...the house was emptied at 9:00 and when I got got home at 10:00, the backdoor was pushed open. I heard the cat crying...tried to climb up in the tree (walnut) It has lots of branches but theres a big gap, somebraches, and then a long steep branch (hes at the top). I could get through that big gap of bare.

We've been calling for him since. One things for sure...Im not going to bed until I see him in my arms, although Im very tired.

Any ideas about how to get him down

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If he's very frightened, just go up there, talk softly to him, and grab him as quickly and neatly as you can. Expected to get very, very scratched, and don't let go til he's inside. Then leave him alone with some nice food and let him eat and lick himself til he feels better.

If he's a bit calmer, try to coax him down with an irresistable treat.

Either way, if you have a spouse/gf/bf/flatmate mate, tag team him. One of you do the sweet talking, the other one does ladder climbing and such. Don't let him out of your sight if possible.

It's usually easier if the taller person handles the reaching and grabbing - but only if they are prepared to get scratched to hell and not let go.
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did you call the firemen? maybe they can get the cat down.
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Updates, please!

(I forgot that you could call the firemen in the States - in Ireland you'd probably get fined. That was our patented get Molly off the roof technique.)
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I'm so sorry that I didn't replie sooner. WE got him down at around 12:00 midnight and I was just soooo tired, I hasd a long day babysitting.

My mother hinted that, letting him down on his own, we might not have him till the morning. That made me even more upset.

When my stepdad got home, he insisted on climbing the tree, as I had done earlier, but couldn't reach him

He climbed up, got scratched, but made it down.

I was so happy to have him in my arms
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I'm glad to hear he's ok - and good for your dad!
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Yrs ago I I was a teen we had a cat who climbed the electric pole by our driveway. This was in the middle of winter-the fire dept came but would not let us get in the bucket to get the cat-the cat had to do it herself. She did we spoiled her rotten that day. I few days later when we was outside she climbed back up that pole!!!
So don't be surprised if it happens again!
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