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Guy kills little puppy

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This guy in Georgia took a little puppy of his girlfriends and put it in the microwave for 12 seconds took it out then put it back into the microwave for about 30 seconds then took it out and stabbed it to death.

I cant stand people that are like this, why would people want to do this to poor little animals. When they have done nothing.

He was charged with animal cruelty.

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Do they make people-sized microwaves?
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That's horrible!!!! Someone should do the same thing to him!!!!!

That poor innocent little puppy!!
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That absolutely disgusts me - I agree give him a taste of his own medicine - where's the human sized microwave! Perhaps 5 mins on defrost, then 2 mins on med-high then finish him off with 5 mins on full power!!!
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It was a 8 week old puppy that he did that to....it was a boxer
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The shameful thing about all this is that nothing serious will happen to this guy yet he has enough anger to kill an innocent puppy... What happens if he gets mad at his girlfriend?
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The truly horrible thing is, all he'll get is (maybe) a fine, and will likely continue his cruel ways...

We need stiffer penalties for such offenders.
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please do not take this as an offence ... but please stop posting this kind of things .. I get so upset everytime , and I suppose I am not the only one .... PLEASE !!!
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I agree with Sydney the kid -- please stop posting these thing. Sydney the kid, I get upset, too The last time a post was posted like this, I was told not to look at the thread, but how can you not, when it says it in the thread!
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I get really upset about these things too. At the same time, hearing these things not only should upset us, but may just move us to action to get tougher laws passed. To be honest, I may have been upset hearing things like this on the news, and wanted the tougher laws passed, but it wasn't until I read these types of stories here that moved me to write everyone in Colorado's legislature to push for tougher laws. Colorado finally did pass a law that makes animal cruelty a Class 6 Felony. Not enough punishment IMO, but it is at least a felony, something that will affect their lives forever. I like to think that maybe my emails did a little bit to push the lawmakers in the right direction.
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Since 1999, animal cruelty has been a felony, here too. I'm not a rabid animal-rights activist but people who abuse animals, usually are violent towards humans, too. One of the consistent things about serial killers is that they started with animals.
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I agree 100% with Heidi, you may not like to read about animal cruelty but we have the power to do something about it. So we may not be able to go over and clock the offenders up side the head but we can push our legislators to enforce tougher laws to put these @#$%^&$^ where they belong.

I know I have posted this link in the past but for those of you who have not seen it, check it out. Go in and find your state and see what issues are going on and what laws are trying to be passed. It even shows you how to voice your opinion on these matters and who to write to. Advocacy Center
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That really upsets me. You know... I do not understand how a person can muster up the nerve to kill or torture an innocent creature and not think twice about it... That Favorite Expletive doesn't deserve to breath. HOW CALCULATED was HE!?

There is no excuse on earth for this man's behavior...I will be so TICKED if I hear the "Mental" excuse ...You watch...he won't pay for this crime. What HE REALLY deserves won't happen to that Favorite Expletive

It's out of character for me to be mean.... But Can I just share a MEAN thought?

If I caught this man doing this SICK act I would have.....

1. Temporarily KNOCKED his sorry Favorite Expletive OUT!...

2. I would BOX HIM UP and shipped him OVERNIGHT to angriest part of Aphganistan, dressed in nothing but an American Flag ...oh yes, and written all over his body in a BLACK sharpy marker, " American Garbage, Please Dispose"

3. Then everyone can learn of his horrifying torture via CNN...

WHEW! ...Now that was mean...

God bless that little puppy....
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Kim, honey, you shouldn't internalize things, so much. Tell us how you REALLY feel.
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Ok..Ok... It's a new day. I'll behave.

Instead of being ugly, I'll just focus on the funny cat video

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Kim, what I would have liked to have done to this guy makes you look like you were being very kind, so don't feel bad!
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