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Poor little darlings....

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On tuesday night my friend asked me to come and take a look at 3 dumped cats by an airfield. When i went down one of them was a mom with 4 1-week old kittens. Some had dumped mom and those babies within the last few days. They were all brought into the rescue for fostering.

The rescue director called me just now to let me know that two of the kittens have since died, the little tabby and white (looked just like my Rambo) and a grey tabby. The poor things were never given a break or a chance at life. Please pray that the remaining two are strong enough to fight. We fear it's distemper...

They are in god's hands now!
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I am so sorry for your sad loss.

Rest in peace sweetest angels, play happily at the bridge. Your siblings have my prayers.
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Poor sweet darlings - you were too good for this world. May you enjoy everlasting health and happiness

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Aww the poor little mites I am so sorry for your loss

R.I.P Little ones and play happily together forever at the rainbow bridge sweeties

I am praying for their Mum and little siblings that they will overcome their ordeal and sickness and come through this
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RIP precious ones. My prayers are with the mama cat and other baby. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Sad story. Sorry for your loss. Play happily over the bridge, little ones.
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i am so sorry to hear about that - please take heart in the fact that you going out to get them meant that they died in a warm, loving house and knew some love, rather than outside. Praying for the others to survive.
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Condolences on their loss. What a sad world this is sometimes!
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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, little kitties - rest easy knowing that you will never have to be sick and miserable again. May the good Lord spare your mom & siblings and find them very special homes. Condolences to the rescuers - such losses must be rather discouraging; I am glad that you find the strength & courage to muster on in your rescue work. Please keep us posted on the rest of the family. Susan
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Bless their little cotton socks Don't worry though, all the older TCS kitties are there to look after the little angels now And sending healthy vibes for the other little cherubs

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