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Many strays around our building. Cat/kittens are always very thin and often injured. Every spring it's the same thing and no one seems to do anything about it. I am personally afraid to to go near them since I have 2 house cats and wouldn't want to introduce them to a disease.
I've mentioned and complained to the landlord that something needs to be done. He told me the town and shelter wants money to come and get them and no one will pay. One by one they disappear every winter and it is possible they could be dying.
Is there any way to get the cats(and kittens every spring) to a safe and healthy environment. I think we owe them that much since a careless person most likely caused this situation in the first place.
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This is a common and ongoing problem everywhere I look anyway. Your best bet is to contact this website and see if they have anyone in your area that can help. In some states it is against the law to feed ferals, but I would be inclined to feed them anyway. The best thing for them would be to get them trapped, neutered and re-released but that isn't always an option. Here is the website

Alley Cat Allies
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Dear Punky, I truly empathize with you. Hissy has already given you the best source on the internet. She has a great deal of experience with cat rescue. I have found a rescue organization in New Jersey that might be helpful to you. In the meantime, I would also be tempted to put food out for them. The neighbors might help if they know that you are in touch with rescue organizations. I hope this organization can help you;

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Don't know where in Jersey you are, we're in NW NJ in Hope/Blairstown. We don't rescue kitties as an occupation (just those around us). You've probably found help through the resources provided by the other posts, but just in case here's a thought. Just find any Vet that's near you in the yellow pages. They all seem to know all the organizations around that can help and how to contact them. Please just make sure you contact no-kill help!
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