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Two dumped little babies.

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Last week at work, 4 kittens showed up. My boss lives lives next door to his business. It is out in the country. The kittens were dumped and my bosses kids wanted them. I found out today that he planned on shooting them if I didn't take them because noone wanted them. .

They are not wild. Someone has handled these babies a lot before they were dumped. They sat at the door to my job all day today looking in the glass. When I got ready to go home two of them were under my vehicle and I had to bring them home. The other two were no where around...

We will manage somehow... It won't be long before I have my enclosure. I am worried about the other two but there is nothing I can do about them if they are gone, hit by a car or shot. But these two are safe now. They appear to be a couple months old or so. They are little and are going to be beautiful.

Why someone would dump little babies still nursing is beyond me. It is an absolute death sentence! As soon as I got them home, they got in a condo and promply feel asleep after meeting my other kittens.

I am naming them Sugar and Spice.

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The man who told me my boss was going to shoot them is his brother. He works there too. The boss is out of town right now and he called and told his brother to ask me if I wanted the 4 kittens that were dumped. I told the brother "I just can't. I have 18 cats now".. He then told me his brother planned on shooting them when he got back if they weren't gone...

I have no idea where the others are.... I have never even seen them.
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What beautiful little girls! I know how full you are, but bless you for taking in these two. Maybe you can try to rehome them since they are young and so pretty?
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They are very beautiful Val..... But I dont' know one single person who wants a cat to be honest... Within a month my enclosure will be built and it will be fine. Little babies are no trouble to me.. The other cats have not even noticed them much. They are so tired and are sound asleep right now........... They are both tortishelle and one has a tail that is longer than her body. I have NEVER seen a kitten with a tail like this. I have one long haired cat now but his tail did not get bushy until he was quite up in age. This one little girl has an amazing tail. She walks with it hanging down behind her. She curls up the end slightly so it won't drag the gound. It's like a lab tail on a dog..
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That is terrible just leaving poor defenless animals humans are so uncareing!I have always had cats and dogs. My cat family I had Mama cat who had a litter and I kept one of her females(daughter) then she had a litter and I kept her only male cat(the mother and daughter were calico and he was a all white long hair) So I had the grandmother daughter and son(grandson) They all lived to the ripe old age of 15 14 and 16. They were great. Never had a male anything before and he was the nicest loving huge 25lbs. of white fur I ever had.
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I'm so glad these precious little ones are safe with you, Jenn. The jerk that was going to shoot them isn't worth further mention.
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I am glad they are with me too. I would not have slept good tonight if I hadn't brought them home... They rode pretty good in the back floorboard. It was scary to them but not bad for a first ride.

They have not eaten yet but they do know where their water bowl is.

Husband came out to help me in the house when I got home and I handed him a kitten. It was comical.......

My big boy JJ like them so that's good..... He only attacks dogs evidently. He has already groomed one of them.

I am going to put the condo in the bedroom tonight with us so the other adult cats won't have access to them until I can supervise ........ My little babies Hank, Honey and Princess Minny sleep in the bedroom with us too. And Jimmy my wild boy... And JJ, the three legged wonder cat...
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Now..............time for a margarita.......
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Good for you Jenn - you really are a cat goddess. I hope the other two sibs are still out there and make their way to you.
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I'm going to keep my eye out for them. I don't go back to work till Monday. I might go out there and see if I can see them but I hate to tresspass on bosses land....... if he is out of town.... But I could drive by real ssssllllloooowww...
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Thank you for taking these darling in Jenn. I hope you can find the other 2 as well.
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I guess if I see them I could put a note on his door and tell him I have them....... That way if someone reported me he would know it...... I'll look for the others in the morning. They were no where around this evening because I looked. The brother of my boss told me they were a little wilder. I somehow find that hard to believe since these two were so gentle. He has no idea what a wild cat is.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
I'm going to keep my eye out for them. I don't go back to work till Monday. I might go out there and see if I can see them but I hate to tresspass on bosses land....... if he is out of town.... But I could drive by real ssssllllloooowww...
So slowly it's almost like trespassing?

You're on the side of the angels.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
I guess if I see them I could put a note on his door and tell him I have them....... That way if someone reported me he would know it...... I'll look for the others in the morning. They were no where around this evening because I looked. The brother of my boss told me they were a little wilder. I somehow find that hard to believe since these two were so gentle. He has no idea what a wild cat is.
That is quite likely!

I like your note idea - makes everything above board.
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They are eating now and one has actually used the litter box I put close to them.. cool...........

I don't know if they were ever in a house before but I know my boss NEVER let them in. He put all 4 of them for several day in an enclosure about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet. I did not know kittens were in it until they were out and running around and someone told me the story about them being dumped.....

The brother, who is divorced, told a guy at work a story I overheard the other day. He said his ex-wife had a horse that broke his leg and she had him shoot the horse to put it out of it's misery. He laughed and said "I'm not sure what good that did. I HAD a horse with a broken leg. Now I have a horse with a broken leg who has been shot".. They just laughed.......

My husband thought he was probably joking but after hearing about my boss possibly shooting cats, I'm just not sure. They both got new guns the other day and after work were shooting them in the pastures when I left.
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I get paid pretty good. I have to bite my tongue because jobs are scarce around here and I need the money...
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Jenn, you have a heart of gold! I'm wondering - did you make provisions for being able to expand your indoor/outdoor enclosure for the cats? It seems like you may be needing more space soon.... You're a cat magnet honey, and just make sure you're ready! There's a giant neon-like sign that only cats can sense that says "GET LOVIN' AND CARING HERE!"

BTW - with this many kitties, having worked to fund and set up a shelter, I can tell you that you'd really better figure a way to create an "isolation ward" for when kitties get sick, or fosters the find their way there get sick. Having a separate space to keep kitties while they get better, when you're caring for so many, can save you IMMEASURABLE money, not to mention heartache.

Go get 'em girl - if you can handle it, they need ya!

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I guess I better start thinking about that....... I saw a picture of Hissy's shelter yesterday and she has a spot for newcomers until they get along with each other. That's a good idea.. Only it could be my hospital room......hehe

And yes, we do have expansion plans. The 20x20 portion is to get us moved so the cats will be safe. After we are living there we are definately expanding. I have a huge side yard that I would dearly love to totally enclose. I have many ideas. I just have to filter through them and find the realistic ones and build from those...

I do know husband is also going to make them a kitty front porch next to our porch with their own kitty door from the kitchen so they can sit with us.. It will be small......4x4 but big enough for them to have an extra space to enjoy. They all love sitting on the porch..so this way they can have their own little porch. It's going to be small but about 8' tall......

We like drinking coffee on the porch and the kitties sit with us now so this way they can sit with us on their porch...

I never plan on anymore cats. It just happens........

How can you say no when they are so needy? I just can't..

But as far as their enclosure, we plan on having several enclosed area that all stem from our house. We are not sure if they will be connected with runs. The porch is only one of them. we also want something from our living room as well.

And next year we are building another bedroom on the house. Husband wants a kitty door there as well. This one will probaby be elevated since the bedroom is way above ground the way he has it planned. The bottom of it will be a shade from the sun for the dogs.

The only one that will have beds or be covered for weather is a 10x20 area in the 20x20 room we are building now. Husband brought home the temp roof for it today. We will build the permanent roof on it later. The temp roof is a huge bright yellow tarp with big ducks on it. hehe He is so proud of his duck tarp......

The thing I am most thankful for is an understanding husband........... He loves them too... not in the same way I do but he understands my need to save the kitties. And so he is building them safe areas for my peace of mind.

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I have 18 cats..... plus my two little ones I brought home today...

Selling cats?..........I dont' think so.. If I was inclined to finding a home for one of my "beloved animals", it would NEVER be to make a buck.....
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
How can you say no when they are so needy? I just can't..
Sometimes, sweety, you have to. I've seen it happen so several people and two shelters. And then everyone and all the animals suffer. You are in a fortunate position to be able to provide the shelter - but even it, with additions, will have limits. At a certain point, unless you're full time (and even then), you need help. When you've got 10 cats that needs meds twice a day, three cats that need eye-drops twice a day, and a number of kittens that need to be bottle fed, just medicating the animals and cleaning litterboxes can take all day. What happens to the kittens? We've been there. Reliable volunteers are hard to find. Been there too. So there is a point at which you will (or should) be able to find yourself to be able to say "no."

Everybody has a different limit. But sometimes the space and the animals provide it, even if your personality doesn't.

PLEASE don't take me wrong! I think you are an incredible, incredible person! And hubby is SUCH a dear to be so willing to help.

When it's done right, it certainly possible to care for many animals. But you do have to take precautions and have things set up correctly. And a place for newcomers and a sick ward, when you're dealing with so many cats, is really something that needs to be planned for.

Just... Lovin' ya and worrying about you at the same time.

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Oh yeah - more thought. I can't imagine you selling cats for profit either, lol!

However, I think MAYBE what she meant was, when adopting cats, it is ALWAYS recommended that an adoption form be used, and that money be charged. There's costs involved with the care of a cat, and if they've seen a vet, been vaccinated, and/or sterilized, anyone who truly wants the responsibility of a cat is willing to pay for those costs or to defray those costs. It's one way to screen out people who want cats to train attack dogs, for target practice, or for medical research. Or god knows what other horrible things. Or just "want a cat" and haven't thought about what goes into caring for it. And that's bad enough!

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Jenn, it might make you feel just slightly better to know that the horse thing was a joke he stole from Larry the Cable Guy. Maybe not much better, but the odds are that he's just trying to pull it off like it's his own joke...
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Larry the cable guy??? I guess I better see that movie!! I feel like an idiot........ And he did pull it off.........!! hehe I'm so glad you told me that.

And..........I haven't seen any cats where we're moving. whew...

I will try to close my door........I think I've reached my limit. My son has a white persian. He would love the little gal with the bushy tail. I will ask him and his wife about it.

But I don't know anyone else.....

I have actually thought about sheltering cats before but I think it would get out of hand in our household and would not be a good idea.

If I can just stay like I am and not increase the number any more, I will be fine...

And I need someone to worry. I don't worry enough!

And nay, if I wanted to sell my cats........none would buy my cats. They are all cripples, three legged, and wild..... with a few babies thrown in.........

I think I will have to stay just this way. What I have is no trouble. They prefer outdoor life to being in the house so they are never underfoot. The only ones in the house all the time is Yellow [crippled gimp kitty], JJ the three legged wonder, and the babies. The rest are out mostly except at night time. I bring them in before bed but even then a couple are always outside. At 5:30am, they all go outside again. A little herd of cats... They wait because they know when 5:30 is here.

When we get moved and have the enclosure, life will be simple. They will probalby be outdoor most of the time. I am looking forward to NOT worrying about them. It's nice to have someone worry about me..
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Right now, I have a means to get 3 feral male, a stray female and her three babies fixed for 15.00 each. So I don't have to worry about that. And with me working now, shots are a piece of cake. After we move, our bills will only be about 300.00 a MONTH total. Because everything is paid for. And our combined incomes [since I am working now] is approx 600.00 a week plus my bonuses. So with what we make AFTER we move, we will be fine with our critters..

All the others, 14 or so..... I have paid for and gotten fixed and given them their shots over the last three -six years. Expensive but worth it. I did not know about low cost spay neuter until recently... Plus our three dogs are all fixed with their shots. So the last 5-6 years, we have fixed quite a few animals.

I am moving 20 cats with us when we move that will live in the shelter unless my son wants the one with the bushy tail.

I probably won't be able to catch two of the feral males to et them fixed on the low cost program even though it is approved. And if I can catch them, I am not going to move them from their area after fixing them. Husband and I discussed this. They are going to stay in their area, which breaks my heart but is necessary for the well being of what I have......which is enough.. I have never thought I would TNR but I guess I am. But food wise, I am worried about them. What will they do? And even the poor little possoms eat on my porch. They are nearly tame. I can walk outside and sit by them a couple feet away while they chow down on kitty food and then amble over and get a drink of water. The cats are so used to them they eat with them.

Our move will be within the month..... Not more than 4 weeks.
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They had an easy night...... They are using their litter box with no trouble and eating good.

I put frontline plus on them so they are flea free. I fell asleep on the couch last night and got up this morning with the darker kitten "Spice" on my feet.

Spice is a little corker. The others don't know what to think of her. She is all over the place. She loves every cat here.

Sugar slept in a box with packing stuff in it.

But they are both very active and playful with my kittens and with my other big cats.
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They seem to be settling in. They are doing great too. All the other cats seem to like them. JJ has even been grooming them. He has claimed them.. Here they are with Hank and Honey. They are real skinny under that hair. I figure they were wormy so I wormed them this morning. They eat constantly trying to catchup.

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How could someone have dumped them? And how could my boss not want them? It makes me mad! I did not go check on the others. I don't want to know. I am going to suggest to my boss to take them to the pound. Right now, they live around his house and they are being fed by the brother... I can't do any more than what I am doing.

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Ahhh they are darling, you do have a Heart of Gold I would to, I can't beleive people are so cruel. I was in Petsmart today and the gal checking leaned over to her left side and said these babies are jealous because you must have alot of kitties to feed, she had 2 babies they could not have been at most 3 weeks old she found them in there parking lot in 113 degree weather, no water no momma nothing, Some other person saw a man drop them off and got his license number she's going to turn him in, these poor babies have to be bottle feed they were so tiny, a little orange and white and a black one both girls, she kept them at work so she can take care of them. The problem isnt lots better is it, I hate to even go to that shopping center where I got all the ones I rescued 16 of them, I kept 6 had 2, I am still beat up from all that, I love mine to death and I just do not understand why people do what they do...I hope you can figure out something good for them they look very sweet, I'm just glad you dont live in california I be saying where do you live
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