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I saw this before and wanted to post it, but I Wasn't sure. It is funny though...
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I had the same thought Lunasmom.

It's not supposed to be offensive at all... I thought it was hilarious!
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I know what you're saying.. but I was thinking "hey, the cats are cute!"
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Thats so funny. LOVE IT!!

There is another site thats called Mean Kitty. Mysticals on there. Here check it out.


LOL, maybe I should nominate mystical for the cat that looks like hitler. She has the personlity where she could over throw the house if she wanted to.
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I would prefer to compare them with Charlie Chaplain or Oliver Hardy, but they are cute.
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And I assume everyone's been to www.kittenwar.com??? If not, then GO NOW!!!! But I must warn you, it's addictive The kittens are just so cute. Have a look at the winningest kittens, that always puts a smile on my face
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I saw him too!! That's the BEST picture!!
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