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I need to vent..

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This might be long..

So I've been at my job for a little over a week, and everything's been going good.. at least, I though it was.. today the owner came in to do some stuff, and so I just kept doing my thing, and when she was about to leave, she was like, "We need to have a little talk," so I thought, "Okay, whatever.. there may be something she's not happy with, but it can't be that bad."

1. First she brings up the fact that I let someone use her grooming tub, and I'm not supposed to.. I tried to explain that my aunt came over and brought her dog, and she got into something here at the house, and instead of just using a hose to clean her, she thought she had to come use the tub, even though I said she shouldn't. Anyways, they used it, and my uncle left a little money for using some of the shampoo/water, and she gets all hissy with me saying that it cost her $30 out of her pocket and that letting people do things like that could get me fired. I tried to apologize, but she just ignored it and went on..
2. Then she was complaining about the other day when I was out letting one of the dogs go to the bathroom, and a lady from a shop across the street came over and asked for her (the owner) phone number because of some problem she was worried about. I told her I'd get it for her as soon as I got the dog back in the kennel. She gets hissy, yet again, and says that it was an emergency, and customers come before animals. I told her we were already outside and I was bringing her back in about a minute later. She said "I don't care if you were already outside, it was an emergency concerning my daughter, and you're going to let the dog finish going to the bathroom before you help the customer?!" I don't think one minute is going to make that much difference! I apologized, yes, again, and she ignored it and went onto the next complaint.
3. Late last week a guy came in asking for a girl, and I said her name wasn't familiar (turns out it's the owner's daughter) and so he went out to his car. A few minutes later, the phone rang, and it was her. She said a guy was stopping by to leave some kittens, and her dad (the owner's husband) was coming to get them. She (the owner) gives me even more of an attitude and tells me that, while pointing to a list of phone numbers and saying, "See these? Call me if someone wants to bring in an animal!" the kittens ended up costing $300. No one ever told me to call if someone wanted to bring animals in.. I didn't even know people could. I only said okay because her daughter told me it was okay, and her dad was coming to get them.

I was so angry.. and then she just left! I wanted to call her after she did and tell her that I couldn't work tomorrow. Just when I thought I was finally getting the hang of things and doing a good job, I get this crap. I'm not even in the mood to go there for nine hours tomorrow. I'm glad she'll be at the other store, and not where I am. I've had it! I could say so many other things right now, but I cant. I'm just really upset about all of this.

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I know how you feel. I used to love my job too until I started having problems with one of my co-workers too. I am with you. Good luck!
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I'm sorry, that sounds tough
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So sorry to hear that things went downhill today. The one thing I remembered from having retail jobs is that you could usually tell when the boss was, uh, err...not "satisfied" in her relationship (is that the best way to put it??).
Anyhoo, she's obviously her own boss for a reason. I currently work in a family owned business and can't really stand it. Anytime they involve family and gang up on you it becomes difficult since you're the outside person. Plus they don't understand that you don't know because you weren't in their lives before last week.

Hopefully next week goes better!
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