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Advantage Multi 9 for Earmites?

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I was just curious if anyone has used Advantage Multi 9 to cure Earmites in cats?

I got the cats their annual flea medication from the Vet's office which is Advantage and also asked for Earmite treatment and they said that Advantage would also cure ear mites.

I trust the vet but am just wondering why the box doesn't state that the product specifically cures earmites? They assured me it does, but if it cured earmites you'd think they would want to advertise that on the box.

Any ideas or information?
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If the vet says it does then I would believe him however, I dont recall advantage curing earmites too. I dont know what multi 9 means but maybe that is different then what I am thinking of which is plain old advantage.

You can take a cotton ball with warm water and rub the inside of the cats ears to get the dirt out if you feel the need.
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I have been a vet tech for the last 6 years and I have never heard of Advantage treating ear mites. Every one of my kitties when I first brought them home all have had ear mites-Squeeker is the most recent, and we treated with a few drops of Ivermectin in the ears once and then a follow up treatment in one month-it has worked great and even better, it does not require daily medication/torture. Talk to your vet and see if that may be an option for you, or atleast call another vet anonymously and see if they agree with your vet that indeed Advantage does treat ear mites. They may be able to give you a second opinion without the office fee. Good luck and let me know what they say.
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I believe Revolution treats ear mites as well as fleas and other pesky things. My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that Advantage is fleas only.
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Revolution does do ear mites but it seems to me that someone once told me a drop of advantage in the ear would do earmites. Wasn't a vet that told me that though.


Is advantage multi 9 different from plain advantage?
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Advantage Multi is like Revolution, so it does cure earmites along with other parasites. Here's some information on it.
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