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aggressive kitten

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I have a problem with my 4 month old kitten. He constantly attacks my feet and hands. If i'm laying on my bed he'll jump up and go for one of them. Anytime you try to pet him he tries to bite your hand. I try to play with him with a toy but he still tries to get to the hands. You get the idea. I have no clue what to do with him. When he gets nasty I put him in the bathroom for a few minutes to calm down. But after he's released he'll ususally come back for more. In fact as I'm writing this he's attacking my feet and I just locked him in the bathroom. I'm hoping that maybe this will calm a little after he's neutered, but perhaps I just have a pure attack cat. Anybody have any ideas as to what to do? Even when I sleep he'll jump into bed and bite my back, arms, hands, etc. Drives me nuts sometimes but I"m not giving up on him.
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My 12 year old girl was like that as a kitten.
She calmed down on her own at around 8-9 months.
She would still play attack if you touched her until she was around two.
Now, she's so lovey she has to be peeled off of us.

The only advice I have is to keep doing what you are doing, tell him No in a firm voice when you stop him or hiss at him like his mamma cat would, give him his time outs and try, try to ignore him.
Kittens are like some children, they'll do anything for attention, even if the attention is negative.
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As a kitten this is normal behavior from a kitten not used to human touch. You are now his only plaything, so you need to redirect his behavior, which is not being naughty by the way. He is acting instinctively. Depending on how old he is, he has the drive to prey and play. Invest in a toy called Da Bird and play with him with this toy several times a day- put the toy away in a closet when you are not there- it is not an unsupervised toy.

Neutering will also help when he comes of age. But, this is really typical kitten behavior. I have three at the moment that do this to us, and the playtime/preytime really helps to key them down. Also don't hand feed him treats or food.
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I hear you--we have a feisty one here too.

If there are other people in your household you might want to check and see if anyone else is encouraging hand/foot play. My crew had strict orders and I caught one of them habitually doing it.
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