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Proper way to put on tags

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Since Layla seems adjusted w/her collar, before I go and get her ID tag I wanted to give Layla a test run w/a "demo" tag to see how she would react.
I find a key ring and looped it into her collar (break-away) w/her tag and althought amused w/her response, I worried that the ring was too big.
Don't you agree?

So after some bribing, I removed the collar and find a smaller ring to put it on.
I put in that space where I guess is where it "breaks away" if snagged so that the metal wouldn't be against her fur and perhaps bother her.

Did I put her tag on right or is too big?
The "demo" tag came in this weird hooky thing that wouldn't last on Layla for five seconds. She's not bothered by it and seems fine, I just wanna make sure I put it on right.
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It looks right to me... Oliver's collar has a D ring attached to it that you put the tag ring on... if you thing the ring you're using is too big, you could probably find smaller ones at a hardware store...
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I just wanted to make sure I wasn't endangering her w/too big a size ring.
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I use those Safe-Cat collars all the time and that should have come with aq split ring with a bell on it. I always put the tag ring on the split ring. Often I use two small of the small bronze tag rings to make the tag hang flat, (because when hanging from the split ring they are always twisted), . I'm sure the cats don't mind, but it's one of my goofy behaviors with them.
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I think the first one looks silly, but I don't know if it's dangerous - the collar breaks away, so (technically) she should be fine.

On the other hand, I suspect you might be replacing the collar fairly regularly as it might be prone to snagging on stuff - and getting caught on stuff a lot even if it breaks away might be upseting for her.

I'd go with the smaller ring, but for seriuos and superficial reasons.
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Her collar never snags on anything, I just wanted to make sure the ring was the appropriate size for her so that it wouldn't cause her to get snagged on things.
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