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Kitty chewing on blinds!

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My 5 month old kitty that I've had for a month has started chewing on the edges of our blinds. We had to pay a deposit for having a pet and I'm sure that will cover the damage but I don't know how far it will go if she completely destroys them! Does anyone know of anything I can safely spray on them so she won't chew? Anyone else had this problem? Other suggestions? Thanks!
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Everyone with miniblinds and a cat has this problem.

My solution since you rent:
Pull the blinds up completely, put the cords well out of reach and use heavier curtains.
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Okay, the suggestions Arlyn gave you are perfect if you are allowed to do so.

My current landlord doesn't care what we do to our windows, and in my bedroom I just totally took them down and threw them in the closet. When I move out in a couple weeks, I'll just put it back up.

My next landlord does not allow you to do anything to the blinds (I think she's kind of OCD, but she keeps the place SPARKLING and safe, so I'm willing to deal). You can pull them up a few inches, but any more will bother her. She said "I would like them all to be all the way down and open, but if you have a cat you can pull them up 4 inches". So... I am gonna have to think of something too.

If you put them up that much, then you don't have the problem of climbing through and breaking them, but still the chewing.
Try bitter apple spray on the ends. And make sure the kits have other things that they are allowed to chew on.
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I'm not sure how much your deposit was, but I wouldn't worry about the blinds, they're cheap. Bitter apple will keep them from biting them but if they are all the way down then your cat will still want to look outside and probably paw at them and still do damage. If you can have them up, do it. Then all you'll have to worry about is the cord and bitter apple will take care of that. If light is an issue for you, a pulldown blind may help, my cats can get behind them without damaging them.
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