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Originally Posted by jaycee
ok i see what you were saying now, so chicken meal is preferable to chicken? interesting. in the dog world, the common thought is the other way around. i see your reasoning behind it though.
Yeah I use the smae thought with dog too.,..

Here is a made up ingrediant list

chicken corn rice chn by product meal

here another

chicken meal rice corn beef meal

Both have two meat sources and two grains but by wt after cooking which has the most meat???
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i was in walmart today and saw a brand called maximum nutrition that looked better than all of the ones we ve discussed so far. and its a good price too. ive looked up online and its gotten a lot of very good reviews. i still have an almost full bag of the purina but i when it starts to get low im going to start the gradual switch.
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Mine are on Maximum Nutrition and I LOVE it. They have several diff formulas and flavors. And the price is wonderful! It is by far better than Purina Kitten Chow!
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do they make a canned variety? i didnt see any
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Maxium is better than most but the digest and low fatty acid leval and the fact it runs about as much as far better foods made me keep looking...

Look at Natural life in walmart it has excellent canned yet not quite as pricey as pet store brands ....
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