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Ok..now i am REALLY MAD

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Steve just came inand told me the landlord has now moved our dog kennel, so its not useable again. He moved it from where he told us to put it. He did not ask, he did not let us know. he just did it. So he could put his scafolding up. Had we been asked, we may have done it. but i am ticked, he touched and moved our property without asking or notifiying it. and no doubt broke something. It took us a long time to move it and secure it so that the dogs couldnt get out. this is the last straw. if i had the money i would be out of here today.
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Oh I'm so sorry! Your landlord sounds like a real piece of work! Maybe he'll have the sense to put it back when he's done with the scaffolding... It sounds like he chose the wrong profession though, he doesn't act like a good landlord.

Have you spoken to the housing regulators around you? I know you were gonna, but never read an update...
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oh he wont put it back. trust me. he wont. we will have to. and than make sure its secure again. grr jerk.

we are working on it. Its alot of stuff. I know he had to get a permit. Ha ha. and he had to pay double for it. Hense why he probably did what he did to our kennel. jerk.

Bad for him. I called my uncle whos a cop. whos coming to see if he can report him for any violations
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You go girl Ain't it nice to have people in special places. Sorry that your landlord is being a jerk. Hopefully things can get worked out on your part.
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Yup, tehehe. well my uncle found about 10 city violations hes violating, LOL so hes gonna have his partner send notice.. and its random so he wont know it was us.. evil evil landlord.
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