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Need help choosing a kitty!

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After my thread in the Behaviour forum about how naughty Stumpy is being lately, and how my husband is really against getting a second as company for her... He agreed that a second cat might be good for her!

We're both possibly going to be putting in longish hours with work, so it's a much better option for her to have a friend.

So in my other thread I gave my possible options for cats I'm interested in, but it's kind of hidden in the thread now, so I hope nobody minds that I started a new thread here.

So, what do you think?? For those who don't know, Stumpy is about 11 months old, an inside cat, and loves playing and attention. She gets on well with the female cat next door who is a similar age to her, so I think she'll be fairly accepting of a new friend.

These are a few kitties at the shelter I like:

Cat 1 - A sweet tan coloured feral kitten who I would call Aslan . He came in completely unsocialized, and was so scared of people. He's been at the shelter over a month now. Now when you open his cage door he runs at you and put his paws around your neck and gives you kisses He's a sweetheart and will cuddle in your arms forever. He plays nicely and gets on well with other cats. He was feral though, so once he's on the ground, he doesn't like being caught - once you get him he's a love bug. He's only about 4 months, so I think he'll get better but may always be a fearful cat. He was on hold to be adopted on Wednesday, and the shelter is closed today so I can't find out if he's still there. My husband loves this little guy... I think we'll take him if he's still there, otherwise....

Cat 2 - Mary, a sweet mother cat who got dumped at the shelter with her babies. She's very similar in personality to Cleo, the cat next door who Stumpy likes to hang with. She'd be a similar age to Stumpy as well. She's a really lovely cat, gets on well with other cats at the shelter - but swatted at other large, male cats at the shelter if they got too close to her kittens. When she was in a play area without her kittens she would be playful, and I think she will be moreso once she gets her independence back again! She loves cuddles, and love to talk.

Cat 3 - Chatterbox is a 2 year old male cat. He is also very friendly, loves to cuddle and gets on well with other cats. In the play areas, if another cat hissed or growled at him, he would back down. He's not as playful as Stumpy since he's a little older, but it may be good for her to have a laidback, older male kitty as a friend?

Cat 4 - Jenga - a sweet little kitten that a friend was fostering through the shelter. Him and his brothers are up for adoption now, and unbelievably, still there. They're really well socialized, and about 10 weeks old now I guess. Jenga is the most outgoing of the kittens. He loves to play, and loves to run around. What I like about these kittens is that they can be quiet as well. When all the kittens were playing in the play area, then went back into their cages, they would be in their cages yowling for a while wanting to come out and play again, whereas Jenga and his brothers would just settle down and go to sleep. I really adore this guy - he is a truly beautiful kitten, and a sweet, confident cuddly, boy. and my friend would love it if I adopted him But... would a 10 week old kitten be too young as a playmate for an 11 month old cat?

There's also a few other really nice kitties there, and we'll consider them all, but I know these four are friendly, sociable cats. Who do you think might be a good match for Stumpy?
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It was hard to pick - any of them would be a good choice except for Jenga, probably (though eventually he would probably integrate to - but I think Jenga would be more of a buddy for you than Genevieve).

Ferals are often really easy to introduce to existing cats, so Aslan would be a good choice. My second but almost tied for first place is Mary - she only lost out because Genevieve might really like Cleo outside her house but still have some difficulty learning to share inside the house.

Chatterbox has a lot of endearing qualties, but might not be playful enough to keep Genevieve stimulated.

So, I'd go with either Aslan or Mary.
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awwwwwww what a hard decision - I would want to take them all!
I do think Aslan is a good choice, although so is Chatterbox. I think I would probably choose the kitty that has been there the longest and/or the one that is least likely to get a home.
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Thanks for that Genevieve does run into Cleo's house to play with Cleo's toys, but I think Cleo has only been in our house when Genevieve was in Cleo's house, so there was never any chance for confrontations in our house They're very funny cats
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Originally Posted by sarahp
Thanks for that Genevieve does run into Cleo's house to play with Cleo's toys, but I think Cleo has only been in our house when Genevieve was in Cleo's house, so there was never any chance for confrontations in our house They're very funny cats
That's so cute!
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I believe that you should get jenga and his brother so when your cat hisses at him he would have someone to fall back on.
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Aslan sounds like a gem. If he were an inside only kitty, I'm sure in a home environment you could teach him to come to you (as much as any kitty will come!). However, since your kitty is allowed outside, I don't think he is a good choice. The chances are high that he will sneak outside with her, and being a skittish former feral, you might never see him again. He needs to go to an inside only home.

Jenga will get adopted, as a cute kitten. Plus he may be a little to rambunctious for Stumpy.

I would choose Mary or Chatterbox!
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Stumpy is an inside cat, she just gets walks outside on her leash, and supervised time on our doorstep. I sit there with her and play with her and let her roll around in the sun. She never tries to run away.

I may consider taking Aslan outside on the leash, but not until he's completely comfortable at home first.

I so know he's going to be adopted already... He's been there for ages and I know he was there Wednesday, I REALLY hope the people didn't come back for him...

I do agree that Jenga will probably be too little...
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Harley is 1 - and we just got Davidson, who was 8 weeks when we got him and brought him home. We decided on a younger kitten for Harley, so he would have a good playmate and someone to run around with. Davidson is wild, but still very calm, and they are good cuddle buddies too.

I think Jenga would be a good choice - but if you think she would be too wild for her - then I would choose Aslan or Mary

Good Luck!!!
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Cats are usually more likely to accept a younger kitten in my experience. I just got a 14 week old for my 2 year old and they get a long great. But i also knew Sebastian was still really playful so it was a good combo.

You know your kitty better than anyone so I would pick the cat that best compliments her personality.

they all sound wonderful..what a tough decision!!
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I have no idea if this is an option....but figured I'd ask! Would it be possible to take Stumpy to meet any of these cats to see how they interacted? I understand this may not be doable, for many reasons, but if it is possible then maybe she could pick her own playmate!
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It's not worth taking her in - it's too stressful for all involved between the car ride for Stumpy, then being in an environment with so many other cats. Most cats need a while to get used to another cat for a start, and the cats at the shelter probably wouldn't like her because she smells different. I daresay most of the shelter kitties smell very similar.
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IMO either Alsan or Jenga. From the sounds of it, Alsan picked I'm leaning more towards him than Jenga. But I think any of the 4 would be a suitable match!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom
IMO either Alsan or Jenga. From the sounds of it, Alsan picked I'm leaning more towards him than Jenga. But I think any of the 4 would be a suitable match!
I voted for Jenga, but only because in your post it seemed like you had your heart set on Aslan and were only going to choose between the others if he had been adopted already.
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Well, Jenga's in the lead now.... I spoke to my friend just before who was fostering him and she agreed that he'd probably really enjoy being friends with Genevieve. I said I was a little worried about Genevieve being bigger, but she pointed out that Genevieve is a pretty small cat herself, and it won't be long before Jenga's bigger anyway

She's a little biased because Jenga was her favourite of the kittens and they almost adopted him, so would love for us to take him so they could see him all the time So, I think if Aslan is gone (), we'll go for Jenga.
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No chance of getting both?

You can bribe hubby with pips on the TCS roll of honour!
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Our complex has a 2 cat maximum rule, and 2 is enough!!
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