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Cat intro question..

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My hubby brought home a new kitten a couple days ago and just plopped her down with Akasha. Akasha has hissed and smacked the kitten a couple times and then last night I saw her chasing the kitten. I'm not sure if she was trying to play or what. The kitten doesn't seem to care if her new sister likes her or not. The kitten just does her kittenly things and ignores Akasha. Akasha will watch her like a hawk and as I said, last night when the kitten tore off after a toy Akasha chased her, but stopped and poofed when the kitten looked at her? Is Akasha trying to play or is she just trying to intimidate the new arrival?
Also, the new kittie (we haven't named her yet) keeps trying to nurse off my neck. I know she was weened too early and we have no idea how old she is. She does eat her kitten food, but should I get some mother's replacement milk for her?
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this site has a load of info on how to introduce cats.
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Akasha is probably trying to intimidate her right now. Sometimes it takes awhile for the older cat to get used to a crazy kitten running around. Maybe since she was taken from her mom too soon, you could try mixing some of that kitten milk in with some kitten canned food. thats what we do at the shelter for the young kittens.
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