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Fallen for another kitty...

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I've gone and fallen for another kitty. A friend sent me a link to a Petfinder ad which got me to looking. I glanced into the listings for my hometown in GA (only a few thousand miles away) and I saw the sweetest little orange boy!


I emailed his link to my Mom and tried to convince her that she misses having a house cat. No reply from her yet. The ad says that the local shelter euthanizes after only THREE DAYS. Can you believe it? That amount of time seems a little ridiculous to me. I would go save this little guy if I could...
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I can't believe that they do that only after 3 day!! The kitty sure is a cutie....I hope your mom says yes
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I wish I could save that little boy. But I can't have a second cat until I can have my own house.
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I'd take this little one if I was close enough!!!

This makes me crazy - why are all the sweet little orange boys in southern states and so far from me?!?

SIGH...I'm going back to my shelter tonight, going to have to start haunting them...
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What a shame. How heartbreaking to think of all the babies that never get sufficient opportunities for good homes. He's a doll.
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Got an email back from my mom. She said no can do right now. She's had another cat, a stray one, take up at her house. She's been feeding it and she says that it follows her around when she goes outside.

She also said that the poor cat that has taken up with her is ugly. I don't know if she's serious or not but I will press her for more info when I talk to her later. Maybe the kitty is just a color that she doesn't care for. My mom isn't really a "cat person".

Oh well, I guess we can't save them all. I try not to think about it.
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3 days!? How is that right? Those poor animals

How could you work in a place like that? I know I couldnt

He sure is a cutie!
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