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throwing up

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Hi! I just moved last weekend and finally am living with my cats. I'm getting concerned about Luna. For the past 5 days or so, she's been throwing up. Not every meal, and she is keeping most food down, and she's drinking plenty of water. So I'd say she'd throw up every 24 hours or so. Sometimes more than once, but usually right in a row.. Is this making sense? It's usually just frothy white looking, but the pile I found this morning had wet food in it. I can tell she feels bad right before she starts puking and until about an hour afterwards. Other than that, she's playful and running around like mad with her sister. She's been spayed and wormed.

At first I was wondering if maybe it was just because she was nervous being in a new home, but she's been making herself right at home sence the first day. She acts like she loves it here. Her diet has changed slightly. I'm mixing new food in with her old trying to get her accustomed to it. They get wet food in small amounts in the morning and at night- they have dry at all times. I'm wondering also if she's having a sensitivity to the new water.

We've almost took her to the vet like 3 times now, I just don't want to take her and have him to just tell me to get her on Science Diet. Not that I have anything in particular against that food- she's just always been on everything else and been fine. I'm working Natural Choice Kitten food into the MeowMix that she has been eating.

Any suggestions besides just take her to the vet? Has anyones cat had a similar problem? Do you think it could be something other than a food/water problem? She's not gotten into anything potentially dangerous that we've noticed. Plus, I figured if that was the case, she'd be way sicker than she is now.

Also, she's a naturally skinny cat- she's a siamese mix. But she's so thin already that I worry that the throwing up will make it worse.

Edited to add- because she's so thin (her hip bones and rips are really prominent) I've thought about buy some of that kitten formula stuff and giving it to her on the side to fatten her up a bit. Is that a bad idea?
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Please take her to the vet. There are a lot of things it could be, not all of which are minor, and especially as weight loss is also an issue, she really needs to be seen today.

Good luck, and please let us know how it goes.
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