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Spayed Cat Acting Like She's in Heat.

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My cat is 6 years old. I had her spayed about 3 years ago. The other day she started to meow and roll around on the floor like she used to do before she got spayed. The next morning I noticed that she pooped on the floor. She has never ever used the bathroom on the floor, so it really concerned me. She has not pooped on the floor since that day but she did the "cat in heat" meow again last night. Does anyone know if this is a sign of something being wrong with her? Also, is there a connection between the two behaviors?
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The first thing to do when a cat does totally unusual things for them is to have them checked by a vet, and tell them the symptoms. Often the only sign of a serious problem is a weird behavior (such as false heat and pooping on the floor).

There is something that rarely occurs after a spay. If the spay was done incorrectly and even a tiny piece of the ovaries were left in her, she can go into heat again. She can't get pregnant, but she can have the hormones that trigger heat in her system. It is very very odd that this would happen after three years, though.

As for the poopies on the floor, make sure you clean it with an enzymatic "pet stain" cleaner, because otherwise you may have a recurring problem with it.

Keep us updated!
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I agree with Zissou'sMom - definately time for a trip to the vets.
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I'd have a vet check her out. She could have UTI or something.

I just went thru the spayed cat in heat with Ling. She was spayed in January. First week of July she went into full heat as if she was not spayed! I called the vet that did the surgery - she tried to tell me UTI but I told her that none of my cats ever had it (I do know the symptoms). Anyway she was "in heat" for a week. Then stopped completly; everything normal (so no UTI).

This past weekend she AGAIN came into "heat" and we called the vet again - this time we got her in on Friday and she opened her up. The vet did suspect a 2nd possiblity of cysts causing the heat; which that is what it turned out to be - a cluster of cysts on the one side about the size of a marble.

Hopefully removing it and making sure everything was clean will be the end of it. I've NEVER had a cat do this before (or the dog). Its a rare thing for spayed females to have this happen - the vet video taped it for her use.
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