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Food and other questions

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Hello I am new here.

After months of research on breeds of cats we have added a himi to our household. He is 4 months old and a total love bug . 'Niles' has been here for two days. He does not drink barely at all . I have changed the water dishes three times and the one he has now seems to be ok I think the others were to big. To my first question our family has never had an indoor cat, litter boxes and watching whats in them is a first for me. Do male cats poop and pee in the same spot or should I be seeing one separate spot for each? (odd question I know)I don't believe he has peed at all since being here but has pooped.

The breeder we got him from had him on IAMS kitten food I am not a fan of Iams or any other petsmart brand. He would not touch this food I did add water to it in hopes to entice him to eat as well as get some liquids in him. He loves the dogs EVO, and have now had to put the dogs on scheduled feedings instead of free feeding to keep the cat out of the dog food. I added Innova cat food in with his IAMS and he chows down on only the Innova and of course now he has loose stools. But to my food question a friend of mine said that himi's have to have low ash? Innova has lower ash then the IAMS kitten. Is there anything else I need to know that is breed specific for himi's? Is it ok to feed him the Innova? I am well read in dog foods but have no clue about cats. After he is adjusted to our home and eating and potting well I will be looking into feeding raw diet IMO I think it would be best.
If anyone knows of a good link that is breed specific for Himalayans that I could read more about please feel free to tell me so I don't have to ask endless questions. I have done multiple searches but have only came up with temperament info and things that don't pertain to food.
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May I suggest you post this in Breeder's corner? You'll be able to get more breed-specific help there.

Having only moggies, I'm afraid I don't know anything about Himis.

Good luck, and welcome to TCS!
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I've moved this to the Breeder's Corner for you. Someone there will probably be able to give you some help.
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Our cats are Iams cats (btw its NOT a petstore product). Did the breeder feed canned or dry Iams?

I think the Invo stuff is good - never tried it. How about trying Max Cat - that's pretty good.

I never paid attention to any cat in the litter box (per say), they just wet in there and pooped in there - didn't bother to check out when they did it or if it was in the same spot.
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Thanks for moving this and for the welcome

Golden thanks for your reply. The breeder only feed dry and said it would be best to keep him on that. It seems in all my reading that this may not be 100% true and cats will do better on can food as well?

I would like to stay away from corn in the food.
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I can give you some corn free and some grd corn free foods...

Natural balence
Solid Gold
California natual
Royal canin ( a few)
Chicken soup
Sensible choice
this is not all inclusive but all of these I would feed or have fed

most of these have canned( which is way better for over all health )
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I own a grooming shop and these are some of the brands we carry as well. I just never took the time to research further then the dog food I assumed that what would be good for dogs should be the same in cats. I am glad that this is pretty much the case. I will stick with the innova for now, little Niles seems to like it.
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Royal Canin makes a persian dry food.
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