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Home Made Toy!

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Found a great idea for an amazing home made toy. Here in Australia we have an animal show hosted by a vet and this week she did a little demonstration on how to make a toy that will keep kitty busy for hours :tounge2:

All you need is an empty cardboard tissue box and a small ball (ping pong sized).

Cut two paw sized holes on each of the longer sides of the tissue box - this will give you 4 holes in total. Pop the small ball inside the box through the top, you'll notice that it's visible through the slit in the top of the box and also through each of the holes on the sides.

Now, if you've done this right, the tissue box will have been pawed away from you and you'll hear the sounds of the box moving across the floor for hours as kitty attempts to get the ball from the box!

Let me know how it works for you!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you supervise kitty when using this toy, it is not uncommon for an inquisitive head to be stuck inside the slit in the top and you may need to assist with removal!(obviously speaking from experience)

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Lisa - what a GREAT idea! I am moving this post to the Lounge so all can take advantage of this wonderful idea! Keep 'em coming
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That is a great idea. One question...should you use the long skinny boxes or the taller, smaller boxes?
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Sounds like a great idea!
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The longer rectanglular shaped box is what was demonstrated and what I used - you could try the other type but you wouldn't be able to have as many holes.

Good Luck

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Great idea, but the tidbit at the end about watching your cat made me laugh so hard I couldn't even talk. Aren't cats the best?!?!?!?!
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Oh wow, this is such a great idea!

*runs into the next room to see if we have a tissue box.*

Darn I do have one (well my room mate does) but it still has tissue's in it. I'll have to wait until its all gone.
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Great idea . Our recycling went out yesterday to the truck, and so I don't have an empty box right now.
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Hey Angel,

What's more important....

Your room mate having tissues in a box or your kitty being gleefully happy playing with their new tissue box toy?

(I know which one I think is more important - he he he)

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Hmm... would it be totally bizarre to go ask the neighbours if they have one floating around? LoL, they already think I'm strange enough... what's one more thing?
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Sockiesmom: better to ask then to go scrounging around in their garbage! :tounge2:

We bought a similar concept toy - the ball in the ring that has openings around the side and on the top? But they get bored with it after a few minutes, because they get frustrated as they can't get the ball out! So I stuff their other toys in there - the squishy ball, the small mice - and then they have fun because they can get them out after some effort. The tissue box sounds great! They get bored of all their toys after a while - and as soon as I stick them inside of something or under something (so they have to work a little bit to get at it) then it's fun all over again. But about getting the box stuck on the head - LOL!
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