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Want To See My Wedding?

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I'm so excited! We went to see our wedding photographer yesterday and were pleasantly surprised that as part of our package it included an online slideshow. They did such a great job with it too! They took 38 of the best pictures (out of 500! eek!) and put it to music and it clips along at a good pace too. I"m thrilled and its tiding me over since we're waiting for our photos to go online anytime today. Then we have to pick 50 out of 500! There are so many good ones it will be a tough choice.
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That was gorgeous!!!!
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What a neat slideshow of a beautiful wedding! You both look so happy, and of course you made a beautiful bride!
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That is so cool!! I want to see all 500 pics though! I can't wait til I get married ( a long way off as I am not even engaged yet!)
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That was REALLY cool!
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Thanks guys! I thought it was such a creative idea. They used to give you a CD of all the proofs of the pictures (with the studio name over them so you can't really use them) but they realized this was going unused by most people. They saw this at a conference one time and thought it was a great way to take advantage of technology to share your pictures with friends. I love it! They are right on .
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That was truly beautiful!!
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Wow, thats simply beautiful!
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Very pretty. Looks like it was a magical day
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That's a terrific idea. It really looks like it was a beautiful wedding.
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Very Beautiful wedding...thanks for posting your pics! You had a good photog, got some great shots.

And I LOVE your dress!
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You look wonderful! Congratulations, and I hope much joy and love for you and your husband.
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How beautiful! I personally love the photo of you sitting on that red couch! It's a great shot! For some reason, it really catches my eye....

I cannot wait til that day comes for me!
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That's a fantastic idea! Like you said, it's a great way to share with family & friends.
I love the shot of your dress in the window. For some reason, that just stayed in my mind.
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What a great slideshow!, thanks so much for sharing
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Really beautiful! Congradulations on your marriage, may you have many long and happy years together.
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It looks like you both had a wonderful day. I love the black and white pictures.
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Wow thank your for sharing your wedding with us.Simply breath taking.
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That was totally beautiful, always remember how you felt on that day!!!!
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