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Its gonna cost HOW MUCH??

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I just got a phone call from Lee. He took the F150 to the Ford dealership to have them replace the seals and oil or grease in the rear axle as it is leaking. Well they said that its best to do both sides at once and its going to cost us $450 bucks!! Soo I guess extra spending money is out for me for a while! Lets just hope nothing else happens for a while!!
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I hope you win some kind of money soon to go shopping!
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I'll trade you that for the check Jerry just wrote.....we had our electrical at the house updated today....$1600! AAAAKK! It needed it though....it was from the 1950's!!
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We just had the brakes done and on the F150 they decided to try something new and make special breaks, yeah $2000 later we have new breaks and no money!
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21
We just had the breaks done and on the F150 they decided to try something new and make special breaks, yeah $2000 later we have new breaks and no money!
Maybe it is a Ford thing! We already had to replace the transmission (its 2002 with 100,000 miles on it) and that costed $3,000 which we are still paying on because we had to get a loan to do it! Ouch! The joys of owning a vehicle!
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Between a root canal, a replacement porcelein crown after the root canal, an emergency clutch replacement in my pick-up truck and various and assorted things that needed to be replaced on my Harley (wear & tear items, including lifters, at 25,000 miles) just to keep it running and on the road, the fiirst 6 months of 2006 cost me just over $5,000 in unplanned, out of pocket (mostly cash) expenses.

My savings is drained empty, my pockets are turned inside out, and I'm eating at a friend's house every night.

But little Ginger kitty? She has no idea what I've spent this year. She happily eats her high quality dry, goes to the vet regularly, plays with her hundreds of toys, and I get NO sympathy!

It seems to have been an unexpected expense year for lots and lots of folks I know. At least we know we aren't alone in feeling the pain!
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Ours is a late model 2004 thankfully for the 2006 models they decided it wasn't worth the hassle so when we bring it back next year we won't have the same problem.
Happened 298 km out of warranty too, I think they do it on purpose and of course because they were special brakes you had to buy them from Ford!
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Hate to say it but Iam so glad the rest of you are as broke as I am!!
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It seems to have been an unexpected expense year for lots and lots of folks I know. At least we know we aren't alone in feeling the pain!
It has, just this week I have paid $400 for new glasses after Bumper took offense to mine and broke them, fingers crossed have sorted out a mix up with the bank where they are under the impression we withdrew money when we didn't... and thats just this week, it has been a very bad year!
Hate to say it but Iam so glad the rest of you are as broke as I am!!
Yeah thanks!
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I am even broker than you are! I dont even own a car, and i dont even have a license! it costs about $2,000 USD to get it done and i just counted... 20 euros in my wallet!

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What??? Two thousand dollars just to get your driver's license???? My GOSH!!! You poor thing!

Although...if it cost that much here, that might keep a lot of riff-raff off the roads, LOL!
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Maybe I DON'T want to move to Germany!
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We got lucky with the car thing, we just need a new battery in the cavalier. Sorry to hear about everyone's cash problems, but I can definitely relate right now
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Originally Posted by fwan
I am even broker than you are! I dont even own a car, and i dont even have a license! it costs about $2,000 USD to get it done and i just counted... 20 euros in my wallet!
Fran, I've got a friend in Germany who just got her license. She said she saved money from the time she was 12 to have enough to get her license. I can completely understand why you didn't get yours! $2000 ouch!!

It's not just a Ford thing being expensive. We just had to fix the Grand Am & it cost $1000...something was wrong with the brakes. It's not one of those expenses you can put off...I mean if the brakes don't work, you're in trouble! If it makes you feel any better, we've put $3000 into the 1999 Grand Am just since the beginning of this year. Don't ask what it cost to fix it last year.
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I feel like we are always fixing cars!! That or something else needs to be fixed and is eating all our cash up! Such is life I guess!!
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Yep, such is life!
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These days I instinctively cringe while getting repair quotes.
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Can't be a Ford thing, I've never had to spend more than $80 for anything with my truck.
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Lee said now Ford wants to replace the axle, and the bearing and a few other things (all of which we know if fine) and want to charge us $1700! NOT! So since we are not going to let them do what they want they are going to take their sweet time and take until Monday what they said would take 3 hours. I hate repair shops!!
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Lemme guess, still under warranty so you're obligated to use the dealership even for uncovered service?
Biggest rip off ever.

3 of my brothers work as licensed Ford Mechanics and my oldest brother is the lead mechanic at the largest dealership in the St. Paul area.
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Pretty much every single expense we have this year is unexpected. Sigh.
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Since I worked for Ford for 20 yrs-here is a liitle known fact. Complain really loudly and say you want some assistance from the factory-a;; dealers have Ford reps who come around (if its a large-med store) or call (if its a smaller store). The reps have some leeway on waiving some of these costs. Yrs ago-back in 1989 when I have my 87 Merc Sable some fuel monitor went in my gas tank-it was expensive to fix I complained and got the cost lowered dramatically!! If course working for Ford (Ford Credit) probably helped. It the squeaky wheel gets the grease-give it a shot-you need to speak with the shop mgr for this. Also find out if there had been any recalls on this-too bad I don't work for Ford anymore but we had access to look at the reported problems as if there are consistent problems which a specific model but not enough for a recall-they should eat some of the cost for you.
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Yeah definitely check the recalls - there have been ALOT of the F150s, right now they are changing all the bumpers due to rust which is great because a while back someone backed (looks like at least) into ours and drove off and we haven't had it fixed yet.

For Ford you can check recalls here:
Canada and USA
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I'm so spoiled! DH was a diesel mechanic when we met. Didn't pay real well, but he can do most repairs himself! It literally saves us thousands of dollars every year!

With him out of work this summer, its a good thing we haven't had any really big expenses yet. I think the largest was minor surgery for my dog Misty, at about $350!

I think you are at a crooked shop. I've never heard of an axle being replaced for leaking grease. Do you know any mechanics, even backyard mechanics, who can go in with you to talk to them? (Or any lawyers! )
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The F150 (or at least ours) has a back axle problem in general, ours had a problem where something turned too quickly making the brakepads basically melt, then it had some weird ridge because of the rubbing from the melted brake pad, then it had something loose back there, all under warranty but still a pain!

And we just had it in for the back brakes again.

Someone once told me you need to find out what day the truck was made on the assembly line and only accept trucks made on a tuesday or wednesday as the other days are not so good... I wonder if its true
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Well Ford tried to tell Lee that his rotor for his brakes had been turned several times (which they haven't because we have owned the truck since day 1) and that the hardened steel axle was severly damaged from the rubber seal (which is almost impossible beuase rubber just can't wear a groove that big into a STEEL axle). Then after all of that they told Lee that his repairs wouldn't be under warranty becuase we didn't replace the axle that was recommended by the mechanic. best of all when Lee argued with the guy about it he got mad and walked off not answering Lee's questions because Lee actually knew what he was talking about!!

And talking about the sqeaky wheel! Lee LOVES to argue and got really loud with some of the people there. They knocked the price down about 26 buck (whoopty doo) and I filed a complaint with the BBB. Truck isn't under warranty but he likes to take it to the dealership anyway. And there is a recall on the cruise control that starts fires randomly and the disable Lee's which he raised cain about since he had to pay extra for that option!
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Only ever had one Ford - a Crown Victoria which is supposed to one of their top cars - mine was an absolute lemon. It was then I realized that FORD really stood for "Fix Or Repair Daily".

But having said that, I think you can get a lemon in any make of car and also there are dealers and service centres that are less than honest. Your best bet is to ask around - friends and co-workers, etc. to find out who they go to for their vehicles and what their experience has been.

We drive VW diesel cars and getting a good diesel mechanic is tricky so when we found one we stuck with him.
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