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Hallå from Sweden

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Hi, ive got two sisters that were 1 in May. One, Tipper is a big grey tiger with white belly, legs and paws. Oh, can't forget the white tipped ears and black tipped tail (hence the name). My quiet, little girl is a soft black-redish brown. She inspects and studies everything new in her environment, therefore the name Professorn (the 'n' on the end is the Swedish spelling).

Ive just posted a thread about Tipper who is not feeling so well. I would attach the thread here but i cant figure out how. I would also put on a picture of the girls but i cant seem to figure that out either. Can anyone help me out?

Well thats it for now i guess.
Thanks! Tipper and Proffy's mum.
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Welcome! You can post pics here by uploading them on and then copy and pasting either the link or the IMG tag under the pics. I hope that helps. I can't wait to see pics, and I hope your baby feels better soon.
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Wow, that was a huge picture! How do you make that smaller and attach it to every message, such as so many have done?

Im totally new to this forum thing and totally lost!

Thanks for helping
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Hi welcome to TCS! You have beautiful babies.
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In that pic they are babies but its the cutest i have of both of them. Now the gray tiger is a big girl and the dark is, well bigger then in that picture anyway. She is a fairly small adult now. I think Tipper is about 1,5 kg heavier... thats around 3 lbs.
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Aw... so sweet! Again, welcome.
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Welcome to TCS anjya

Your cats avery pretty
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Thanks.. i think they are pretty nice too

Tip'n sis's Mum
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Welcome to TCS!! your kitties are adorable.
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They are adorable, hope to see more pictures
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They are beautiful kitties. I hope that Tipper gets better .

If I can help you with about how to do anything on the site, please let me know
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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