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Help!! Insurance question!!

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Because I bought my new car I contacted my insurance company on Monday to let them know that I was changing vehicles. The woman told me they were sending out paper work that was information on where I could have the new car insurance inspected.

Anyway I JUST got the letter today and it's only listing 3 places where I can have an inspection done in my area but 2 of the 3 are by appointment only. I was figuring I could go to the one that doesn't require an appointment since tomarrow is a holiday and everything is closed so there's no way to make an appointment.

Getting to the point here, the letter from the insurance company states that the car must be inspected by 07/08 or my physical damage coverage will be suspended effective 12:01am on the day after the referenced completion date. Now let's say I have the car inspected on Friday and I bring the proof to the insurance company Monday which is the 8th is that ok or is the 8th too late?

Sorry for asking such a stupid question but this is all new to me and I don't want to make a mistake.
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Jessica, are you talking about a vehicle inspection as in "safety inspection" that you would get at a gas station or a service station? If that is the case, you can get that done anywhere. I can give you of about 10 places right off of the top of my head right here on Cape Cod.
I think that is what you are referring to, and most places don't require an appointment.
If you are talking about something else then sorry. I might be misreading your post. If you get it done on Friday, perhaps you can still get it to the ins. co. before they close on Friday. Just a thought.

PM me if you need more info.
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**sighs** I hate calling the insurance company... The lady is such a @#!@!$!.

And no it's not for a safety inspection, that was done by the dealership. It's so someone can take pictures of the car so they know I'm not lying.
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Jessica: There is something strange about this. Is it a new car ie previously unregistered purchased in MA from a new car dealer? I have bought and sold a number of cars in the past___ years and you should not have this much trouble. But then Mass seems to have different rules. If you bought it out of state then an inspection to see that all the serial numbers match (engine number and the numbers posted on the dashboard (can be read through the windshield). If you have it inspected by the specified day it should not be that important when you return the paper work but do it as soon as you can.Your agent should be more user friendly. If you can not work it out move to Texas were things are much different and very friendly. Don
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Jessica, now I know what you are talking about. Its the inspection for the actual insurance agency.

I use United Insurance in Buzzards Bay and they take the pics right there at the office. You just go by and tell them what you need, and they do it on the spot.
Perhaps its time to change companies!! You are in Falmouth, right?? It shouldn't be more than a 20 min drive to here then.

Hope it works out for you.
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If you use one of the three inspection places listed they would keep records prroving that you went in on the specified date range so there should be no problems. And they aslo only provided you with a date the inspection must be done not when they want the paper work.


*glad she no longer works for an Insurance Company* :tounge2:
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Thanks guys!! My biggest fear was that they wanted the paperwork BEFORE the 8th and I wouldn't be able to get it there. It wouldn't have made sense if they wouldn't accept the paperwork on the 8th but you never know....
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This should not be as much trouble as you may think. I have a question...why is the supercat logo a dog? Perhaps you are more confused about other things also don
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Don, I found your last comment to be particularly rude and uncalled for. I happen to love dogs just as I love cats and I don't recall a rule here stating that your avatar must be a picture of a cat....

I asked a simple question about my car insurance and I got the answers I needed so your input is no longer needed. If you have nothing nice to say then I suggest you keep your rude comments to yourself.

(If I took your comment the wrong way please disregard my post. It's often hard to know how to take things over the internet.)
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not meant to be rude. just a strange sense of humor don
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Let's play nicely, folks! BadHabit, I don't think Don's comment was meant to be rude. He just seemed to be pointing out the funny irony that your title is Supercat and your avatar is a dog.
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