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Working abroad...

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Has anyone ever gone to work in another country?

We have a program here that helps students go to other countries to travel (helps them with visas, orientation, etc.). With that program, you can go to England, US, Ireland, Austria, Germany, France, Australia, New Zeland, South Africa or Japan.

There are also other programs that allow university graduates to teach English abroad.

I am considering looking into it. I will be finishing my BA this year and I'm thinking that maybe I could take a year off before starting my masters degree. My favorite so far would be South Africa (then I could probably see more of Africa too)
It just scares me a bit to go to another country and have to find a job there. (Plus I'd have to find someone to take care of my cats if I can't bring them with me).

So I don't know...

Is that just crazy?

For those of you who've done this before, would you do it again?
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I am not sure where you are (and so which programme you are talking about) but I did the BUNAC programme for a year and it was great, they don't help you much in the way of finding jobs or accommodation though, but they handle all the immigration stuff
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I'd say go for it if you can find somewhere for your cats. It's a great learning experience and a great way to really appreciate another country. You get a perspective you wouldn't from just vacationing for a week there.
I've never done a program - I just went on my own. I'd say take advantage of one of those programs, they sound great.
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It really depends, In your situation it sounds great.
I don't even have "my own country" so to speak.
Because of my dads work we've never lived in a country for more than 6 years, but it is a great experience in the end. Its just not equipped for family's IMO
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My situation was a bit different, because I went abroad (Germany) to study, and ended up living here permanently after meeting my husband. I do think having the opportunity to live and work in another country teaches you more about yourself, i.e., your own strengths and weaknesses, as you have to deal with a foreign culture without the "safety net" of family and old friends. I've had colleagues who have really seen the world this way. One (English) taught in the U.S., China and Germany, while another, now in Australia, got there by way of Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Japan.
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I always wished I would've done that when I was in college. But the whole "I need money" bit got in the way.

Anyhoo, my SIL is actually from Belgium. She came here as an Au Pair for a year and doesn't regret it. She met a bunch of other people who were Au Pairs as well and that was her support group for the year she left her family and friends. She still talks to a couple of them to this day.
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