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Hello, I'm new (again)

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Hello all.

Almost a year ago I signed on because I was thinking about getting a cat. Now we just had to put our dog down and are seriously thinking about rescuing a cat or 2 cats from the Humane Society. I have many questions so I'll find the right place to ask my questions. We are having a hard time deciding if we want to get 1 or 2 cats. We work full time so I'm leaning toward getting 2 so they can keep each other company during the day.

I can't write on here much because I'm at work and they monitor our internet usage but I'll try to check in as much as I can.
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Can someone tell me what section I should write in to ask questions like:

Should we get 1 or 2 cats?

Any difference between male and female cats after they're spayed or neutered?

I'm going to pick up the book "Cats for Dummies" on my way home from work today so that should help too.
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Hi welcome to TCS! Sorry to hear about your dog.
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If you are going to get two, try to take 'pairs' from the rescue, they often find them harder to place as most people only want one.
There is very little difference (usually) once they are speutered.
It is good for them to have someone to play with particularly if there is no one home, but some cats are 'only cats' and the shelter / rescue will indicate that to you

Welcome to TCS!
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Thanks. In the book that I picked up, it said sometimes cats are turned into the shelter because they don't use their litter box. I'm thinking maybe it would be good to get one and make sure all is going well and then get a second one after a few weeks. I talked to someone who babysits a friends cat and she said this lady got a pair from the shelter and one of them was peeing all over the house and it took her a while to figure out which one it was.

We are going on a short vacation in August so we're going to wait till after we get back to adopt our cat(s). It sure seems weird not having a little critter running around the house right now.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Welcome back! Have a great time on the forums
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