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Just Look At This Face!!!

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Here's Dolly, one of the dogs I'm pet sitting this week. She's a Boxer and is just as sweet as can be. I brought her home today since I felt bad for her being kept in her crate all the time.
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Here's one more.
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Dawn, she is just adorable!
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That is a sweet face. How could you possibly say no to that mug?
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Awww... I love Boxers... They have such soulful eyes.
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What a sweetie

Does she have a tail or has she been docked? I'm not trying to be contentious - ok, yes I am - but what are the thoughts of dog owners on having tails removed? Is it not as nasty as having cats declawed? It's not like dogs don't need them - what else are they going to chase when they are bored.

Some friends of my partner bought a boxer pup last year, and were really upset when I said it was deformed - it had been docked.
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Ah.... I may get flamed for this but.... I like them docked. It's just part of the breed and a Boxer isn't a Boxer without a docked tail. Most people argue that it's done for cosmetic purposes(which technically yes it is) and that's sick but a lot of docked breeds and cropped breeds started out having their tails docked(and ears cropped) for a purpose and while that purpose generally doesn't exsist in most dogs of those breeds for fanciers it's about keeping the quality of the breed and tradition.

Docking is done when pups are a couple days old. Some puppies do squeal when it happens and some seem like they don't even notice. The puppies usually just fall back asleep afterwards or nurse off the mother like nothing ever happened.
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Yes, her tail is docked, as is the standard for Boxers. I don't have much opinion on this, as it doesn't cause future problems as declawing cats. However, I totally disagree with trimming ears. This Boxer (Dollie) has natural ears, and I think they're just adorable!
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BadHabit - I do agree with you. I had a springer spaniel growing up, and he just wouldn't have been the same without the docked tail. I think there were reasons for all the tail docking when it started, and I know there are still very valid reasons for a lot of the sporting dogs and the terriers. For example, Jack Russels (I think this is the right breed) have their tails docked so their owners can easily grab them out of holes in the ground when their hunting (rats, I think).
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The Kennel Club in the UK recently stated that normal tails does not effect the "standards", as they are hoping to eliminate docking in dogs that just have it done for cosmetic reasons. You do see more and more "breed" dogs with standard tails nowadays, but give me a bitzer anyday.

Yes, I understand that it was done for a purpose once - but when was the last time anyone took their Jack Russell rabitting or ratting?

I just love dogs tails - they are so expressive, and it is so funny watching those tails as they take a tight bend at full speed
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AKC(American Kennel club) requires them to be docked... I live with a docked dog and a natural dog and yes I love my dog's long tail but my Lab's(Her tail had to be amputated) tail or lack there of is nice because it hasn't knocked anything over (Unlike Scooby's coffee table clearer) and isn't constantly beating everything it comes in contact with.

I also like docked tails because to make up for the loss of tail wag the whole butt gets going. I love butt wigglers.

In the end it's owner preference... Er breeder preference anyhow.
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Evolution says dogs have tails - even selective breeding for hundreds of years hasn't worked. Why butcher 'em so they can have a piece of paper and a posh name from the Kennel Club?
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What a 'doll' of a puss!
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As Dawn had said many hunting and working dog's tails are docked to prevent injury. Tail injuries are often very painful and difficult to heal, in fact a lot of long tailed dogs who injure their tails eventually have to have them amputated because they don't heal.

Terriers who work under ground have their tails docked to a length that is more practical when they are working in a confined space.

Long and thick coated breeds like the yorkie have their tails docked for hygienic reasons.

While most household pet's tails are docked and they may never run into most problems such as the exsamples I've listed above it's been done to follow a breed standard. Dogs also do not have to be docked to be registered with the AKC. The AKC is a registry body and in no way does having papers on a dog mean the dog is "show quality" or healthy. All it does is identifies the dog as the offspring of a know dam and sire.

So whether you agree with docking or not it happens and it's part of a breed's history and standard(in America anyways) and there are people who breed dogs to those standards. Might I add the standards not only include looks but personality as well.

I suppose amputating dewclaws shouldn't be allowed either since they are just as invasive as docking?

If you want to argue the evolution point then why should we breed to a certain look? Why should we breed flat faced dogs who have trouble breathing? Why should we breed such thick coated dogs who in the wild would never need such a thick coat and the dog itself would never be able to properly groom himself? Why do we breed such dogs who are often unable to whelp naturally and are in need of a c-section? If evolution were left to take over most breeds of dogs would never have made it.

Let's face it selectively breeding isn't natural and heck some people will argue that owning a dog is unnatural. If you don't like docking don't have it done as simple as that but as long as it's included in a breed standard as rediculous as one may think it is or as long as the demand is there it will be done.

BTW I don't know about in England but Jack Russell earth trials are held all the time and are widely popular as a fun activity for the dogs and their owners.
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Vikki - Dolly gets along great with the cats - she ignores them, and they ignore her. Pretty good, I think. She's such a great dog, I can't even begin to say how great. Her behavior is sooooo good. She doesn't chase the cats, eat the kids, jump up, bark (except at men), eat the toys scattered all throughout my house... I wish my friends would give her to me, but that would probably be rude to ask!

"Hey, I loved taking care of your dog. I decided to keep her for myself!" Ha Ha. But I am looking forward to dog sitting her again!

Someday, I'll have a Boxer for myself...
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Dawn, have you been pet sitting long? Do you do it part time or as favors?

My friend owns a pet sitting buisness and it's a ton of work. She has a contract 4 pages long!! Poor girl never gets a day off but she likes it alot.
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She is so pretty! I love boxers.
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Dolly is a cutie-pie!!
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Dolly is such a cutie!
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BadHabit - I don't have a pet sitting business. At one time I thought I'd like to do it, but it's too much work! I have two preschoolers at home and it's just too much with them. I've gotten the reputation with my friends that I love to watch the animals, and I do, so I've been doing it for friends only. The owners of the Boxer also have a Corgi, and they're paying me so it's nice. I'm also watching a rabbit right now for some other friends. She's cute, but I'd never have one - she STINKS!!
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Cute baby!

I'll add my two cents' worth on the cosmetic alteration of pets: UGH! I like 'em the way God made 'em (minus their reproductive equipment, of course). Ike beats the dust off the furniture, with his tail and provides a lovely kitty toy. Thank God, nobody cuts off Dalmatian tails!
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I took care of a boxer puppy one time, his name was Tugboat. He was a total trip and had huge paws he kept falling over. LOL They are sweet sweet dogs, and their faces say it all.
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