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May cat is........

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I was just thinking last night that my cat is more like a dog! Can you describe your cat in one sentence?
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I have always thought mine are more like dogs, but I can describe mine in one word:

Bumper: Lazy
Scully: Loving
Magnum: Majestic
Boomer: Psycho
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3 words... Kitty is cranky....
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Daisy is sweet
Chloe is always busy
Tolly is LOUD
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Spaz - Slutty
Shadow - Whiney
Trouble -Talkative
Vash -Hyper
Cassi -Needy
Ivory -Independant
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Topaz - Our Diva (I swear she moved in with Louis Vuitton luggage... )

Aristotle - White Tornado - nuff said!
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Lukas = Whack attack (me)

Everyone else=Handsome
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Sapphire- stuck-up
Pandora- neurotic
Antigone- sweet
Demeter- strange
Zeus- cuddly
Ismene- clingy
Medusa- scared
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Katie - loyal
Gracie - moody
Peter - goofy
Claire - regal
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Molly - Queen of all she surveys (or suspects might be around here somewhere)
Bobby - still waters run deep
Slayer - sweet but dumb
Sláine - criminally insane (j/k - she's very lovable and loves well too)
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Zoe- Independent
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Bella-A beautiful sweet smart well behaved child
Sophia- A beautiful cat with a bad attitude, sort of like Naomi Campbell the model
Severino-a beautiful sweet annoying cat
Joey-Annoying and loving
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Annabelle - grumpy
Flibbo - sweet
Poodle - lazy
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Harley - Full of ATTITUDE

Davidson - Momma's cuddle bug
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LuckyGirl: A very curious and conditional cat!
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Tiger is Quiet
Reilly is...well she's "butch"
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